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Allen in Montreal
20-Feb-2012, 07:25
Is anyone using Capture One?
Any thoughts?

I have downloaded the trial and will try it out tonight, does it really out perform CS5 (update to CS6 is any day) that much?


20-Feb-2012, 08:00
I use Capture One (C1) when shooting tethered (Phase One P45 on Arca M Line 2) and to prepare the raw files. Then I send the files over to Lightroom (LR) and if further editing is needed, then onto CS5. I do not use it for my other files captured digitally (Nikon NEFs, Canon CR2s, scanned film). I think C1 has a complicated interface and that may be what turns me away from using it for other files, but there are others that use it and like it. It may also be that I had more experience with Adobe products when I first started with C1 (2 years ago) and find it hard to make the switch. I do need the lens cast correction (LCC) abilities that C1 has and LR does not yet support, but if I could use LR for tethered capture with my P45, I personally would leave C1 behind.

Here is a link for C1 tutorials: http://www.phaseone.com/en/Software/Capture-One-Pro-6/Pro-Tutorials.aspx

Also, I do not think Photoshop will ever be surpassed as the ultimate editor because of all the plug-ins from so many other software developers.

Kind regards,

brian mcweeney
20-Feb-2012, 16:21
I use C1 Pro 6 just about everyday shooting tethered. It has some nice features that allow you to make changes to one image and apply them to other images, like metadata, exposure, even perspective control. You can then have multiple images perspective controlled for layering that all match. I use CS5 afterwards but not as a RAW processor. I will also say C1 Pro is a memory hog on your computer.