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Tom Westbrook
20-Feb-2012, 04:55
I found a higher contrast 'skin'. You can try it by selecting 'Blackend' from the style selector at the bottom of the page. Let me know what you think. It looked like the best of the free ones.

And, FYI on other 'issues', i'm cataloging them and will prioritize and address them as time allows.

Ken Lee
20-Feb-2012, 05:02
It's more neutral, which is better IMHO for showing photos - but it's a bit industrial looking. Are these styles merely CSS ? If so, I don't mind having a peek and coming up with something.

Tom Westbrook
20-Feb-2012, 05:05
Yes, pretty much all CSS. Have at it :^).

20-Feb-2012, 06:56
I like the darker skin--it's much easier on my tired old eyes.

Thanks, Tom.


Ken Lee
20-Feb-2012, 07:46
I made one called "Gray". You'll have to refresh your page in order for it to appear (on the list on the extreme lower left of the page).

Emil Schildt
20-Feb-2012, 08:13
Thanks for this. It helps! I like the gray most - much easier to read.

20-Feb-2012, 08:16

i like them both ...
the work you mods do is hugely appreciated !


Richard Wasserman
20-Feb-2012, 08:35
Ken, "Gray" for me is a big improvement, although I would like to see the text darker, maybe simple black. The added contrast would be easier on my eyes, which have their own set of problems.

William Whitaker
20-Feb-2012, 08:46
Thanks for adding the options.

Brian C. Miller
20-Feb-2012, 08:51
There's quite a few vbulliten skins available. We'll just have to wait for things to stabilize, and our mods can update the skins and templates as they have time.

20-Feb-2012, 09:09
Of the three options currently available, I prefer the Gray. It is easier on the eyes.

Thanks to all involved.

David Karp
20-Feb-2012, 09:15
I like the gray too. Thanks for all the effort you folks put in for us.

Henry Ambrose
20-Feb-2012, 11:08
Another compliment for Gray.

Ken Lee
20-Feb-2012, 12:36
I added a few more: Brown, Navy, and Charcoal.

20-Feb-2012, 12:49
Hi Tom,

I like the Blackend, but it makes the thread icons even more intrusive.

On the best of days they're too large, and fundamentally unnecessary.

I would vote to make them smaller or eliminate them completely.

- Leigh

20-Feb-2012, 13:35
You should call this skin "Halloween". :D

I just found a problem (actually two).

When you click on a user name to access the PM and other options, the text is virtually unreadable.
The text is rendered mid-gray on a dark gray background.
I got the PM option because I knew where it was.

The other problem is this thread was not visible on the New Posts page, since I had made the last post in the thread.

This is butt stupid. You're inconveniencing the contributors for absolutely no reason.
Would you PLEASE list all recent threads in the New Posts search, and boldface those that have not been viewed?
That is a standard configuration for vBulletin, as used on other sites that I frequent.

- Leigh

Roger Thoms
20-Feb-2012, 13:42
I added a few more: Brown, Navy, and Charcoal.

Ken, the charcoal is very nice, thanks, great job!!!


Ramiro Elena
20-Feb-2012, 15:06
I am using Charcoal right now. This and Gray seem the best to me. I found Navy worthless though. Blackend might be good for energy purposes but I'd change it to an non black color (very dark gray maybe).
The Forum icon dissapears with the new skins btw.

Thanks for the hard work y'all! :)

Richard Rankin
20-Feb-2012, 15:15
I made one called "Gray". You'll have to refresh your page in order for it to appear (on the list on the extreme lower left of the page).

Thanks, Ken. That was exactly what I needed. The default powder blue is impossible to read!

Bruce Osgood
20-Feb-2012, 16:53
I switched to charcoal to get black lettering. Works well with photos also.

Mark Stahlke
20-Feb-2012, 17:33
Thanks Tom and Ken!
It's "charcoal" for me.

20-Feb-2012, 19:42
will I tryed all of them AND STILL DON'T LIKE IT AT ALL
DON'T like the layout
it looks like Crap
I hope you like it but I NEVER WILL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

20-Feb-2012, 20:07
As a cautioned in another thread:

The default skin is more tested, works, and has the contrast it needs. That is why it is the default.

Doing a user interface is not as easy as it looks. Try printing some of the really high contact pages for instance. Gray is a good attempt, but it is not all done. Page numbers are still in default and I assume many other internal features - likely.

Keep the default on!

Let folks with bad monitors or bad eyes select the high contrast if they want.... it's a free country.

Good Job!!

Tom Westbrook
21-Feb-2012, 04:57
Thanks. We'll leave the Default as is and continue to work on the others.

21-Feb-2012, 09:02
charcoal & bluegray don't work anymore.

the new layout looks great on my android tablet. thank you. ;)