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19-Feb-2012, 01:34
tasteful typographic improvement

19-Feb-2012, 04:24
It still does break on some devices, though - it is perfectly fine on my regular PC with regular 96dpi screen using Firefox, but there is some overlap of lines and blocks on the 133dpi notebook and (presumably even higher resolution) pad and phone.

Emil Schildt
19-Feb-2012, 05:22
I would like to know, whether it is possible to change the look of the site....

As it might look elegant, my eyes can't read this as well as they could before...

For me it is a problem, as I now can't stay for long inthis forum. My eyes hurt....

I have been looking but can't find any way of changing..(?)

Louie Powell
19-Feb-2012, 05:37
I share Gandolfi's concern. The font is OK (not great), but the overall pale blue and gray theme is entirely too hard to read.

Unfortunately, that's becoming a common problem on web sites. Is that a matter of short-sighted artistic design, or is it that some of us old farts have vision problems?

Another issue is that this site has a number of threads that have been running for years (Large Format Landscapes, for example). The new design makes it much harder to get to the most recent posts in those threads.

Ralph Barker
19-Feb-2012, 07:47
Tom is looking into whether different "skins" are available for the new version.

The sequence of the post display within a thread can be controlled via your settings ("Settings" button at top-right, then "General Settings" within the menu).

19-Feb-2012, 10:15
I miss the old white forum skin, but then again I'm not coming here for the skins. Not a biggie IMO.

Ben Syverson
19-Feb-2012, 10:48
A darker theme would be more readable for me—the white is kind of blinding.

I'm happy for the upgrade, but it sort of feels like the first night you stay in a new house, and it doesn't feel like home yet. I'm sure we'll get used to it.

Tracy Storer
19-Feb-2012, 13:27
I also, don't love the bright and low contrast look. In case there's anything to be done about it and I'm not in the minority.
Thank you all for your hard work managing this thing though ! It is appreciated.

19-Feb-2012, 13:30
Another vote for the older look. My old eyes prefer the higher contrast page.