View Full Version : vBulletin 4.1.10 request

Bruce Watson
18-Feb-2012, 13:45
I'm using Firefox (v10.0.2) on Win7. I'm an old guy, so I have to increase the font size to be able to read it. In other words, I use a couple of "ctrl +" operations to make it readable for me.

One of the known vBulletin problems is that they don't seem to test for this. The symptom I get is this is shown in the attached page view. Look at the column on the far right. See it word wraps the information. All you can really read is the redundant word "Forum:" The actual name of the forum gets cut in half horizontally because of the way vBulletin handles this kind of word wrap -- it's a vBulletin bug that they apparently have no interest in fixing (I see it all over the web so I know it's not unique to LFPF).

What I'd like you to consider doing is eliminating "Forum:" from the information presented in that column. Two reasons. First, it's completely redundant; we all know that those are names of forums. Second, it will eliminate most of the words wrap problems in that column making it more readable for everyone, and especially those of us who increase the text sizes.

I know it's not going to be high on your priority list. That's OK. But I would like it to be on the list somewhere please.

Thanks for your help. Good job on the speedy upgrade too.

Ralph Barker
18-Feb-2012, 17:37
Have you tried expanding your browser window, Bruce? I use a "wide" screen, but I could enlarge the type quite a bit before the horizontal scrolling got funky.

Peter Mounier
18-Feb-2012, 23:01
I too am seeing the same thing. It's not a scrolling issue, but rather a formatting issue. It doesn't show very well on the screen grab above, so I've posted an enlarged view of the problem in the far right columns. This appears correctly on my desktop Mac G5 with a 17" studio Display, but on my MacBook Pro 15" it appears like the posted image. I am viewing my Safari browser window as wide as possible.



19-Feb-2012, 04:08
Looks like the fonts overflow on screens with non-standard dpi resolution - usually a matter of inconsistent use of a mixture of pixel and point measurements.

The visual representation is a matter of skinning, and that bug won't occur across all of them. So that could be fixed adding other skins, even if nobody wants to fix the code of the default skin.

Ralph Barker
19-Feb-2012, 07:40
"Scrolling" - yes, I misused the term. I meant the reformatting that occurs when changing font or window size.