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Fotinos B.
14-Feb-2012, 15:16
Any LF meetings in Oklahoma?

14-Feb-2012, 15:27
I am not from Oklahoma but my wife and her family are. She is from Elgin, near Lawton. We go out that way over the holidays. If we go out that way this Christmas, I'd be willing to meet up.


Thomas Haley
15-Feb-2012, 16:19
I live in north east corner of Oklahoma. I have searched many time for groups around here and never found any.

Darren H
8-Mar-2012, 12:47
There is a fairly active group in Dallas- Fort Worth. We often get 12-20 folks make it out. You might keep an eye out for any posted get togethers and consider driving down.

You might also announce a plan to meet one weekend at the Wichita Mountains, Turner Falls, or one of the SE Oklahoma state parks and you could probably tempt some of us to drive north of the Red River.

8-Mar-2012, 13:17
Ouchita Mountains have a lot more photogenic value than the Wichita Mountains, but that's just one man's opinion... specifically, mine.

What's your subject of choice? I'm from around the Bartlesville area. I've not been around there in many years, but still have friends and family in the area. Washington/Osage/Tulsa counties are my old stomping grounds. If you're looking for specifics in that area, let me know and I can probably point you in the right direction.


Eric Biggerstaff
8-Mar-2012, 15:02
I grew up in Tulsa and have family in Ardmore. I take my camera at times when we go to visit my dad. I would have to imagine there are some like minded photographers in Tulsa or OKC. Start a group, it is a great way to stay motivated.

9-Mar-2012, 12:38
There is a fairly active group in Dallas- Fort Worth. We often get 12-20 folks make it out. .
there is? :)

Darren H
16-Mar-2012, 10:53
there is? :)

Well somewhat. Gem or Michael usually organize 2-4 get together events a year or so. Last summer they did three for sure. That might not be "a lot" but FWIW it is probably more than most areas...

I am all for something in north Texas or Oklahoma this year.

Thomas Haley
16-Mar-2012, 20:10
Mainly tabletop. I have yet to fully master my LF outside. Someday I would like to pack my equipment into my little Miata (good gas mileage but hard ride) and head back east to shoot old buildings and such. I wonder if you know Jerry Popinhouse (not sure about the spelling of his last name), he was one of my photography instructors at OSU Okmulgee.

18-Mar-2012, 16:21
Nope. The only OSU campus I've been to is the main one in Stillwater. I spent more time on the strip than on campus though. :)
When you get away from the tabletop and get the LF outside, there's lots of scenery right there around Grove, Ketchum, Miami, Grand Lake, and points east into AR and MO. If you take Hwy 60 west, go past Bartlesville and check out the back roads around Pawhuska, Barnsdall, Ochelata, Ramona, and down into Avant, Collinsville, Talala, etc. As you get closer to Owasso and Tulsa, the wildlife isn't seen as often. Washington and Osage counties have tons of flowers, plants, trees and critters... lots of critters, though they don't sit still like the rocks and trees do. Lots of nice scenic views outside of the towns once Spring comes around again.

31-Aug-2013, 15:39
I'm in OKC, but it looks like all the other LF photographers in Oklahoma are from the far-flung corners of the state!