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Andrea Gazzoni
11-Feb-2012, 13:45
my supplier just sent me some test sheets of this new scanning mylar, it comes in two different thicknesses .005 and the usual .010 mil.
I will be testing this in a few days, anyone can share their experience on which thickness is best to work with? I've only used .010 so far

thank you

12-Feb-2012, 13:59
I'd be interested to know how the 0.010 mm worked out for you so far, as well as hear others' experiences; I'll be getting some mylar soon for my first wet scans.

Sideshow Bob
12-Feb-2012, 17:35
Hi Andrea,
Are you sure these are in millimeters not inches? .010 millimeter = 0.00039370079 inch.
Or is it .10 millimeter = 0.0039370079 inch.
Or am I all screwed up :-).

Jon Shiu
12-Feb-2012, 18:39
a "mil" is a thousandth of an inch, so .005" = 5 mils, etc.

mil does not have anything to do with millimeters.


Sideshow Bob
12-Feb-2012, 19:13
I think 1 millimeter = 0.039370079 inch or ~.040".
Am I doing something wrong?


12-Feb-2012, 21:38


Sideshow Bob
12-Feb-2012, 23:16
Yes, I'm screwed up! Thanks Sandy.


Andrea Gazzoni
13-Feb-2012, 01:29
those are millimeters, or 100 micron and 50 micron


Andrea Gazzoni
14-Feb-2012, 09:59
so I've tested the two different mylar types, what I've found so far is

> 0.05 : the fluid mounting is very difficult, it has been almost impossible to maintain the flatness of the sheet on the drum of the scanner, folds on the tape are formed too easily and then the material was so thin I've had the impression of greater electrostatic charge, so it collects more dust. The sheet tends to stick to the drum and being thinner it is more difficult to apply much pressure with the fingers to stretch it

> 0.10 : it was better with regard to the flatness of the sheet, it tends definitely better and allows you to use less tape

I'll do some other test