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Doremus Scudder
11-Feb-2012, 05:00
Is there some way we could get the time before one is automatically logged out extended to the point where I don't have to log back in in order to post a well-considered and well-written response?

Unless I'm just posting a line or two, I find I've been logged out and have to log back in in order to post. I think I speak for many when I say that those of us who take time to research and consider before posting would really appreciate more time to do so. I know I would.



11-Feb-2012, 05:09
Huh? I haven't been "automatically logged out" since the server last time went into maintenance mode, weeks or even months ago...

Brian Ellis
11-Feb-2012, 05:33
Hi Dory - I've never been automatically logged out. You might want to check your settings and options to see if you've set something there or elsewhere that causes you to periodically log out.

11-Feb-2012, 06:42
I have never been logged out either -- and there has been often hours between clicks onto the forum...sometimes work gets in the way of participating on the forum...:D

Ralph Barker
11-Feb-2012, 07:56
I'll look into the matter.

Nathan Potter
11-Feb-2012, 09:42
My automatic log out time seems to be about 10 minutes. Can be a frustration on occasion, especially when trying to find and post an image. Maybe there is a personal setting to adjust this - if so where?

Nate Potter, Austin TX.

Tom Westbrook
11-Feb-2012, 12:19
You can reset your session timeout counter to zero by using the advanced editor and clicking on the 'preview post' button periodically if you're in the throes of a lengthy post.

11-Feb-2012, 15:19
I've had to log in about 5 times in 13 years.

Doremus Scudder
12-Feb-2012, 04:19

I log in and out every visit (except for the times when I just lurk and don't post a reply). It seems that if I take more than about 10 minutes writing a reply, when I get around to posting it, I get an error message and have to log in again before I can post.

This happens quite regularly to me, since I seem to take some time to formulate my answers, or end up looking things up in the middle of composing a reply.

I'd be interested in knowing if there were a way of extending the auto-logout time. I do not have the "remember me" box checked (I use a lot of different computers when traveling). My homebases are in Vienna, Austria and in the Pacific Northwest. I divide my time between those locations. I don't know if all the traveling around has anything to do with it. Or if not having the system set a cookie to remember me influences this.

Looking forward to possible fixes. In the meantime, I'll just log in again.

And, thanks Tom and Ralph for taking time to deal with my minor annoyance :)



12-Feb-2012, 04:36
Are you using the "advanced" editor? That one might have issues of its own.