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Daniel Stone
8-Feb-2012, 19:16
Hey all,

After picking up my repaired scanner from the shop the other day, I've come to grips that I need a good monitor. However, my budget is at the range of a used crt, ideally the Lacie 22” blue electron. I've read a few places online where some still believe that these ”hi-end” crt's still are the best to edit critical files on.

My use for this will be to run my drum scanner with, and also for hooking up to my editing machine thru a monitor switch.

I have the space for the BE(barely), but i'm leaving towards it cause its a $1200 difference in price...



Peter De Smidt
8-Feb-2012, 21:17
If you get a used CRT, make sure to run a calibration with one of the sensor pucks on it before buying it to make sure it can still be calibrated. I use an old Sony CRT on my scanner, and it's gotten very blue. I have to basically cut the blue to near zero to get it within range of being calibrated, and it does so, but just barely.

Daniel Stone
8-Feb-2012, 21:44
I'm only asking cause I've found a seller offering (2) of them that have been only used(supposedly, its C-list after all) for ~25hrs EACH. So not much use. They come with the hoods, cd's and manuals.

$85 each isn't a bad deal is it?


8-Feb-2012, 21:47
FWIW I am still using a LaCie Electron Blue IV that I bought new in 2004 and it still calibrates using the Monaco Optix Colorimeter which I also used to create the scanner and printer profiles with. Prints with the Epson 2200 look almost exactly as the soft print on the screen.


Kimberly Anderson
8-Feb-2012, 21:53
Get the LaCie CRT's. I am a HUGE fan of CRT's...especially the Trinitron tubes, which your CRT's will have. Look for two tiny wires located about 1/3 and 2/3 of the way up the screen, that's how you'll know it's the good Trinitron tube.

All I will run are Trinitron/Sony CRT's. Far superior to any LCD's today and much, MUCH less expensive.

Peter De Smidt
8-Feb-2012, 22:00
Sounds like a good deal!

Daniel Stone
8-Feb-2012, 22:03
well I seem to have been able to snag (1) of them, it'd be nice to have a backup unit, especially at that price, IF the usage really is that low....

But where to store the extra, I'm already super short on space :p


Kimberly Anderson
8-Feb-2012, 22:05
Where to store the extra one? Why right next to your main one of course.

Getting two of the identical CRT's is the key to having perfect calibration. I love the CRT so much that I took a vintage 24" Sony that was having issues in to have repaired. Yes I had to order parts from Japan, yes it will take a while, but this is the cream of the crop of CRT's and I couldn't just let it die on me.

Daniel Stone
8-Feb-2012, 22:16
Where to store the extra one? Why right next to your main one of course....

I'd love to get both, but someone's ahead of me in line. We'll see. I'll come armed with cash for both, just in case ;).

As you can see, my "working space" isn't very much. I'm maxed out right now...


please bear in mind this is located in a bedroom. Every since 2010 when I went to Iceland with M+P I've been sleeping on the floor(by choice, I sleep better actually), my little brother(he's 15, I'm 23) sleeps in his bed on the other side of the room outside the right edge of the photo. Not a big room, hence my rolling cart(yes, on casters thank God!) so moving it(if absolutely necessary) will be easier. Adding a 65lb CRT in place of the shown LCD monitor(17" POS Fry's special from 5 years back or so) it'll take up some space. But if its worth it color-wise ;)



Kimberly Anderson
8-Feb-2012, 22:18
Maybe you ought to think of a large LCD. ;) Looks like you *are* maxed out doesn't it? :D

PETER: Which Sony monitor do you have? Many of the high end flat screen CRT's can actually be factory reset via a control panel in the monitor itself. It would help you tremendously if you have a model that performs that reset.

Daniel Stone
8-Feb-2012, 22:23
I was going to get a raised platform so the keyboard+ mouse/trackball can go under it. Looks like another trip to home depot for some 3/4" pine and hardware is in order for tomorrow :D!


Peter De Smidt
9-Feb-2012, 12:31
I have a multiscan g520.

Daniel Stone
9-Feb-2012, 13:01
Well thanks to Evan down at aztek, he knew I was in need of a nice monitor, and he happened to have a virtually NOS Mitsubishi Diamondtron 21” just sitting in the warehouse, so he said I could have it :). Now to stop at Bevmo! for a nice fat gift card ;) for his generosity.

I might still get the LaCie BE though, just to have a backup...


Kimberly Anderson
9-Feb-2012, 18:02
Yeah that monitor has a reset Peter. If you want some more instructions lets take it via PM or e-mail.

neil poulsen
9-Feb-2012, 21:19
I've had three LaCie products, and all three had problems.

In particular, I had the LaCie CRT. Turns out the red tube was bad. So, I used it for non-editing. After not too much longer, the screen began to occasionally go weird. Then it stopped working altogether. After about 4.5 years of use, it went to the recycle bin. Ka-Put.

adam satushek
9-Feb-2012, 21:53
i liked my lacie 19in electronblue for many years...but decided i needed a lcd for space savings, got a 26 in nec and am very pleased. however, my 1 tb lacie drive has never impressed me. very slow and acts wierd........