View Full Version : New Epson Printer Announced

neil poulsen
22-Nov-2003, 07:35
I noticed a recent flier from Midwest announced a new 17" Epson 4000 printer that takes ultrachrome inks. It sounded interesting, so I thought that I would check into it. Here's Epson's announcement:


This sounds like a good product for those who can't afford or don't want the footprint of the 7600, yet can still make reasonably large prints. It also accepts the 220 ml ink cartridges, which cuts down on printing costs. It's an eight color printer, including both the matt and glossy black inks.

(By the way, I have no affiliation with Epson!)

Paul Schilliger
22-Nov-2003, 14:28
Haven't you reserved yours yet ??? ;-) Yep, sounds as a great solution for small to medium size prints.


Jim Rhoades
22-Nov-2003, 17:47
Neil; I saw it at the N.Y. Photo Plus show. They call it a desktop printer. Plan on a really big desk. That extra matte black ink cartridge is a real good idea. Yes, you had better reserve yours now for sometime in the Spring.

Andre Noble
22-Nov-2003, 22:17

(Please wake me up when consumer-affordable desk top Lambda type light jet printers able to expose traditional color and B&W light sensitive papers hit the market.)

Paul Kierstead
22-Nov-2003, 22:50
Hmm....at 38kg, not including carts, it had better be a strong desk too.