View Full Version : Pony Request: "My Threads" / "My Posts" links

6-Feb-2012, 19:46
On APUG there are links for looking at threads that one has either replied to or originated. Any chance we could get that functionality here?

I realise we can subscribe to a thread but it'd be good if we could see replies to our posts automatically.

PS: the Tapatalk implementation is appreciated. It gives (pretty much) this functionality, so I would expect that the underlying information is available in the forum database.

6-Feb-2012, 21:01
I wouldn't mind seeing this either, unless I'm just missing it. I am losing track of which images I have already posted even on threads that I subscribe to.


6-Feb-2012, 21:41

if you click on anyone ( or your own ) user name
and go to the profile page the threads started
or posts links are there ...

- john

Ralph Barker
7-Feb-2012, 10:00
We'll need to get through the software upgrade, as noted here:


and then see what new functionality it provides.

8-Feb-2012, 03:09
jnanian: thanks! Gonna bookmark that in the meantime.