View Full Version : Nifty gadgets just in time for the Holidays

John Cook
19-Nov-2003, 10:29
With the Holiday gift-giving season upon us, I thought it might be nice to share some of my discoveries of non-photographic gadgets which would be useful to photographers.

Lee Valley Tools gift catalogue has a credit-card-size pocket level, perfect for picture frames and ground glasses:


Garrett Wade woodworking catalogue has an extremely well made pair of craft scissors with round-end blades, perfect for cutting roll film off the spool in the dark. Not only will they not puncture your finger, but they cut beautifully. Both right and left-handed models.


And of course my old favorite, the absolute best glass cleaner ever made, Invisible Glass.


Finally, for those of us with shiny pates, just the thing for location work under the sun: genuine Tilley hats.


Have you any similar wonderful discoveries to share?

19-Nov-2003, 11:14
Any leatherman multitool. www.leatherman.com

Outdoor research winstopper gripper gloves. Wear a liner with them and you got a great glove. I've had mine for 5 years and they are tough as hell. Not water proof though but when I am shooting I am not exactly sticking my hands in water.

www.orgear.com But there are cheaper places like Campmor

John Cook
19-Nov-2003, 12:22
Just one more I couldn't resist. Somehow a high-tech nylon gadget bag just doesn't go with a classic wooden field camera.

Check out these English leather shell and field bags. Just like the old days!


tim atherton
19-Nov-2003, 12:28
"hmm handbags for men" says my wife, leaning over my shoulder to see what I'm looking at....

John Cook
19-Nov-2003, 14:11
Will go nicely with your kilt, Tim. ;0)

Ben Calwell
19-Nov-2003, 14:29
Great ideas, John. Another idea: LL Bean has these hanging toiletry holders in which you're supposed to carry soaps, tootbrushes, etc. They fold up, but they can also hang from a door. They have mesh pockets that might be perfect for holding film holders, filters, a light meter -- and you could hang it from your tripod while you're shooting. No more fumbling around in a back pack for stuff once your camera is set up.

John Cook
19-Nov-2003, 17:20
Ever get lost while shooting on location?


John Kasaian
19-Nov-2003, 20:45
1. How about those miniature bottles of peppermint schnapps? They're unbreakable plastic, so when you fall off the cliff you won't cut yourself;-) Vodka miniatures can be used as a lens cleaner in a pinch(not that I can recommend it for Kodak's "lumenized" ektars however---it leaves streaks!)

2. A sweatshirt with bold custom lettering on the back that says:IT'S NOT A HASSELBLAD!

3. A little cedar cigar box with a clasp to hold the lid shut. I use it to keep small items in like my "hurricane" bulb operated airbrush and lens tissues---best part is they're free when empty from the local cigar shop.

4. CDs for the dark room like Sacred Earth Drum Songs by David and Steve Gordon and La Bele Marie by Anonymous 4

5. Did I mention miniature peppermint schnapps?


Nacio Jan Brown
19-Nov-2003, 21:29
Check out this little Starrett square/level. It's more expensive than the Lee Valley level, but beautifully made with a great feel in the hand. http://catalog.starrett.com/catalog/catalog/groupf.asp?groupid=259#Footnote

20-Nov-2003, 11:34
Remembering the untimely death of Steve Grimes earlier this year, you might consider his optical spanner wrench. It not only is a real work of art, but is a fitting tribute to that superb mechanic and enthusiastic promoter of large format technology and art. The product is shown at http://www.skgrimes.com/span/index.htm.