View Full Version : 4x5 trannie presentation sleeves - where to find a small one?

jarrod connerty
18-Nov-2003, 07:18
An older artist I've shot for has some 4x5 slides in presentation sleeves where the black edge is no more than 3/4" around each side of the transparency. They're only about as big as a 5x7" print. The place he got them from is long out of business. Currently I'm only aware of Clear-File's sleeve, which is a whopping 7 x 9.3". Anybody know a resource to acquire 4x5 transparency sleeves which are as small as possible? Thanx in advance.

Martin Patek-Strutsky
18-Nov-2003, 08:12
I like sleeves of that format too. Here in Europe you will find them in almost any shop offering stuff like portfolio boxes, mounts, etc. Guess it is similar in the US.

Be aware that the black ones often have not passed the PAT (Photographic Activity Test) and in that case should not be used for long term storage.

Larry Gebhardt
18-Nov-2003, 08:14
Is this (http://www.printfile.com/products.cfm?Action=Products&SectionID=21022010#product) what you are looking for?

Larry Gebhardt
18-Nov-2003, 08:21
What was the name of the place he got them from?

Bill Jefferson
18-Nov-2003, 08:50
I bought something similar from 21st century plastics co.

jarrod connerty
18-Nov-2003, 10:09
He got them from a NYC lab called Spectra. Thanx for the link, Larry. I note that these aren't archival, and I've confirmed that neither are the Clear-File ones I'm aware of. He'll certainly be interested in that information.

tim atherton
18-Nov-2003, 10:50



Steve Lewis
18-Nov-2003, 11:17
I use this firm (http://www.dw-view.com/)




John Cook
18-Nov-2003, 13:03
Ought to be something here which would work: