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28-Jan-2012, 10:58
Looking to obtain free drivers for my AGFA Duoscan T2500. Running OS Win7 and can't find drivers for it. Please help me, AGFA has gone away a long time ago, however I have kept this hardware and would like to use it. Respectfully MrEarl11

Peter Langham
28-Jan-2012, 13:09
Not free, but I bet vuescan is still supporting it. I run my microtek 2500 with it (on XP)

28-Jan-2012, 14:06
H i Peter: Thanks for the vuescan info. Just tried to log on to vuescan.com and the domain name has been listed in the marketplace (for sale). Any other ideas? MrEarl11

28-Jan-2012, 14:09

29-Jan-2012, 11:12
According to Google's links back to this general forum the AGFA 2500 is the same scanner as the Microtek 2500. You may download and try those drivers, although the most recent is for XP.

I'll second Vuescan. I tried it when I had a Microtek scanmaker 5, saw the first few scans, bought it. I don't have the Microtek scanner any more, but it also works on my HP Scanmaker G4050, Nikon LS-2000, Canon FS4000US, and the industrial photocopier at my wife's work. Plug it in and start scanning, well most of the time.

29-Jan-2012, 12:24
I went thru driver issues for windows 7 46x and an Agfa DUOSCAN HID I am using vuescan 64x and I am up and going. I am using the cable it came with my scanner , a 25 pin at the PC to the Adaptec 2906 50 pin at the scanner. Here is a link the various old drivers http://static.agfa.com/digicam_scanner_drivers/

IS your scanner using the SSCI connection?

If so this may be of help to you,

There is no Adaptec 2906 SSCI drivers for Windows 7 64x so I looked for other drivers for 78XX based devices. I found a driver for the Adaptec 7870 chip included for Vista 64x and noticed while looking at the driver files in notepad. I saw driver calls to the hardware via emulation. I worked with this when I first made the jump from XP 32x to Vista 64x. I used VM and the XP emulator on Vista 64 to run program drivers. So Here is what I did, I modified the vista ones.

djsvs.ini and djsvs.sys are the files you need to find (I downloaded them from Adaptec server). Then I create a folder and move those 2 files to it, I called my folder Adaptec 2906 driver. Open the .ini file in notepad and look for the line [ADAPTEC.NTamd64]
%PCI\VEN_9004&DEV_7078&SUBSYS_70781414.DeviceDesc% = aic78xx_Inst, PCI\VEN_9004&DEV_7078&SUBSYS_70781414

Copy that line and paste it under to create a new line entry, you have to find your Adaptec Hardware ID and replace the code portion with your hardware ID info in my case it is PCI\VEN_9004&DEV_5078&SUBSYS_78509004.

So go into the Device manager, (right click My Computer, click manage) then Device Manager, Look at the SCSI Controller that is missing the drivers. Right click on it and go to Properties, then click on the Details tab and select the Hardware ID, right click copy and paste it the second line of the code we copied and pasted in the .ini file. Save the notpad .ini

lastly from the Device Manager, right click on the SCSI controller that
is missing the drivers and click update driver. Select option,
locate the driver manually. Browse to the folder you created in my case "Adaptec 2906 driver" and select it.

The computer asked me if I wanted to install these unknown drivers, it gave me a warning, I clicked yes. Immediately Windows 7 64x found the Adga Duoscan HID and successively installed it. And the SCSI controller in the device manager didnt have a Huge Yellow Question mark "?" it had a Icon and the SCSI controller was online.

This is what I had to do to get a driver to function for my AGFA scanner. YMMV Good Luck, AKf

30-Aug-2013, 20:07
@MrEarl11. I used an Adaptec SCSI Card 29160N card in Win7 64. Adaptec has fully supported drivers for this card/OS combination. My full post here: http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?26151-Agfa-DuoScan-Which-PCI-SCSI-Card/page5&highlight=agfa+t2500