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26-Jan-2012, 11:30
Hi All,

Getting back into printing these days. I've been working on an image in Photoshop CS3 and Lightroom and I'm confused, the shadow detail is radically different when viewing between the two programs.


Lightroom is on the left, Photoshop on the right.

Can anyone help me figure out why they are so different? I thought I might have made some adjustments in Lightroom, but I reset everything and I'm still getting the same thing. When I print in Lightroom, it looks like the Lightroom image (shadow detail in her pants* is lost in the print)


*sounds dirty.

Kirk Gittings
26-Jan-2012, 11:38
You have something set goofy, maybe in softproofing in PS. I am at CS5 and Lightroom 3 and they are always identical.

26-Jan-2012, 11:52
I think I got it, thanks Kirk.

Just checking, the RGB in the photoshop color settings should be my monitor profile, yes? I switched Photoshops color settings to the "monitor color" setting and now they both match up. It lists my spyder profile for the RGB Profile.


26-Jan-2012, 12:21
Working Spaces > RGB > should be either Adobe 98 or ProPhoto RGB. The widest possible gamuts. It shouldn't be your monitor profile. Your monitor profile operates outside photoshop.

26-Jan-2012, 13:31
That's sorta what I thought. But if I set the working space in CS3 to profoto, I get the radically different shadow detail between PS and LR. There is no color space to change in lightroom, as I see it.

Could it be because it's a grey scale image? What should my grey scale profile be?

26-Jan-2012, 13:37
Switched to Grey Gamma 2.2 and all seems to be well. Profoto for the RGB profile. Sound good?

26-Jan-2012, 16:13

I was going to remark earlier that setting the color space to your monitor profile is not a good idea because it is not a standard color space. ProFoto, or Adobe RGB is just fine. My grey is set to Dot Gain 20%, but Grey Gama 2.2 should work.

The main thing is that you have fixed your original issue.