View Full Version : Color prints directly onto glass?

chris jordan
24-Jan-2012, 23:33
Hey dudes, greetings from Seattle, glad to see y'all are still going strong here.

Been doing some research about inkjet printing on glass, to be backlit with LED boxes. The new generation of ceramic inks, UV inks, etc., seems to have left the old duratrans in the dust, but the new processes all have archival issues. Has anyone tried any of these, know of resources, etc? Any pointers in the right direction would be much appreciated.



24-Jan-2012, 23:41
All I know of is these guys (http://printsonglass.com.au/). Not seen their work in the flesh.

25-Jan-2012, 10:47
Hi Chris,

We've made profiles for Dave White of Aesthetic Tile Imaging. I guess there's no mention of printing on glass on the website that I can see, but I know Dave has been experimenting with printing on glass. It's pretty stunning work!

Kirk Gittings
25-Jan-2012, 10:50
Love your new work guy. You are very versatile.

Michael Gordon
25-Jan-2012, 11:05
Hey CJ: A&I in Hollywood has the HP Scitex FB5000 (http://greatoutput.blogspot.com/2011/10/studios-urges-artists-to-experiment.html) which can print on anything up to 64" wide. It's a monster printer. Good luck.

Nathan Potter
25-Jan-2012, 16:23
Why not print on Pictorico, or an equivalent, then laminate that to the glass for backlighting? Any transparent adhesive with decent archival properties ought to be adequate. You could also double laminate the glass (print medium between two glass sheets with the edges hermetic. Maybe stay away from soda lime glass. Seek out a borosilicate type glass, say something like 7059 low TCE, unless the expansion differential between film and glass is too great.

I echo Kirks comments about your work. Both innovative and versatile - always anxious to see what you come up with next.

Nate Potter, Austin TX.