View Full Version : Using DSLR for previewing 8x10 sheets

22-Jan-2012, 15:11
I wanted to ask about the technique used to preview film with a DSLR rather than scanning it. That is the least expensive option and I am trying to save all the money I can right now. I am only doing this for a preview so image quality does not need to be critical, but just good enough to determine if the image is a keeper to be later drum scanned.


22-Jan-2012, 15:14
put the film on a light box, tape off the unused area of the light box to control stray light, photograph it with a macro lens.

22-Jan-2012, 15:33
If the lightbox uses fluorescent strips, try and use shutter speeds that are integer multiples of the AC current frequency where you live, otherwise your colours will be all over the place (unless you're shooting black&white of course).

You'll also either want the camera set to its lowest contrast setting, or shoot RAW and process accordingly.