View Full Version : Gathering at the studio March 10, 2012 Toronto area

Robert Skeoch
14-Jan-2012, 12:11
I try and host these once or twice a year.
If you love photography you're invited.
It's a chance to meet other photographers, see what they have been up too and show what you've been up to. Last year we had 26 people. Most showed a few recent prints, one or two had a new book, and one or two had an interesting camera they enjoyed using. It's fun, very casual, you'll see great photographs and meet interesting people. Everyone is encouraged to bring something to show, but if you can't, then still come over. Most of the photographers are shooting film, about half use large format but everyone is welcome.
These are the basic rules; Be Interested, Be Generous with your knowledge, Be Interesting, Connect.
If you bring along your M-mount Zeiss lenses you can use the studios 6-bit coding kit to mark them up.
Starts at 7pm, runs till 10pm, pizza at 8pm $10 covers the pizza. 3123 Walkers Line in Burlington, Ontario.

If you're interested send me an email to skeoch at sympatico.ca

27-Feb-2012, 10:53
I will be coming and hoping that some others with platinum printing experience will be there to offer some technical critiques on some prints I will be bringing.

Robert Skeoch
7-Mar-2012, 12:08
Just a reminder it's this Saturday.

Robert Skeoch
10-Mar-2012, 06:19
Today's the day.
The pizza is on order and you're invited. Things run from 7pm till 10pm

Andrew O'Neill
10-Mar-2012, 17:33
Wish I could go... just a bit too far away. Have fun!

10-Mar-2012, 20:37
Wow, what a night. Lots of people bringing prints, all different approaches. Great time.

Andrew O'Neill
11-Mar-2012, 14:56
How was the pizza?

Allen in Montreal
11-Mar-2012, 16:34
I wish I could have gone, any Pix?
Did Fred or Richard bring any contact prints from their big camera?

Robert Skeoch
12-Mar-2012, 07:31
I thought the pizza was pretty good.