View Full Version : Effects on a Processor

3-Jan-2012, 02:04
Anybody try making any effects on a processor?

3-Jan-2012, 13:22
What do you mean exactly?

3-Jan-2012, 16:22
playing with colors, tone, highlights etc...

3-Jan-2012, 17:49
Yes. They call it Photoshop.

Jim Andrada
3-Jan-2012, 23:04
Not clear what you mean by "Processor" - do you mean a computer or a film processor of some kind?

If you're a bit more descriptive of what you're after you'll get better replies.

Brian Ellis
3-Jan-2012, 23:23
You don't have to subtract the number of words used on the internet from your life span, it's o.k. to tell us what kind of processor you're talking about

4-Jan-2012, 11:28
I was reffering to Film processor

Jim Andrada
4-Jan-2012, 22:04
OK - got it. Any clue what kind of film processor? Are you thinking of things like altering development time or making other changes to the process for creative effect? etc etc etc.

Do you have a couple of examples of what you're trying to describe?

But if it's possible to think of it I know someone has tried it - shaking the chemicals into a froth, messing with temperatures and times, splashing developer onto film with a paint brush, solarization, whatever. Someone has done it.

6-Jan-2012, 02:30
Yeah its a large processor with a computer/digital input but it doesn't produce digital.

Yeah I like using old slides, simply shift colors, get full colors, polarize etc.. Don't know what else I can do using this 35mm format printing with computer input.

I don't know what effects I can do. I thought of placing drawn shapes or designs in black or haftone dots (from letasets) on small square acetate overlays tucked over the 35mm for added effects.

What are some common effects with larger computer processors that experimental photographers have played with for effects?