View Full Version : Ilex Paragon Anastigmat 7.5 inches - what's the color codes and 2nd lever for?

Philippe Gauthier
2-Nov-2003, 14:36
I just bought an Ilex Paragon Anastigmat 7.5 inches f/4.5, mounted on and Ilex #3 shutter. Big lens, big shutter. Information about it is rare (so is the lens, maybe) so I have three questions about this lens.

1. What can you tell me about it? I sort of understand that it's a coated copy of the similar 1940 era Ektar lense, which was a Tessar design. Is that correct? Any other thoughts about it?

2. What will it cover? I'm using it on a 4x5 caera right now, but some information I've found suggests that it will cover 5x7 and possible 8x10 - I wonder how much movment would be left at 8x10, however,

3. Finally, there is a second, smaller, cocking lever on the side of the shutter. It's linked to a small roulette and an abreviated chart that reads: 23 Yellow, 20 Blue, 5 White and O Red. The only thing cocking this lever seems to change is that it induces a short delay (perhaps 1/2 s) between the time I release the shutter and the time it actually fires. What's that thing? Is it flash related?

matthew blais
2-Nov-2003, 15:36
Check this site (S.K. Grimes). I just acquired a 4x5 yesterday that has an 163mm Ilex Paragon #3 with same thing..this link shold take you straight to the specs on the paragon.


David A. Goldfarb
2-Nov-2003, 17:09
The second lever is for flash sync. The numbers refer to milliseconds of delay, and the colors differentiate the settings. You want red or 0 delay for electronic strobes. The others are for flashbulbs.

Jim Galli
2-Nov-2003, 20:24
Your lens very likely is the same age as the Ektar's not a copy of. Both copied Zeiss tessar design. It is fairly common (ie. it would fetch about $80 on Ebay) but most are fine performers and a bargain for the price. I've made some fine negs with mine on 5X7. It covers 5X7 with slight moves but virtually all Tessars suffer from mtf fall-off a short percentage away from center. So with movements employed on 5X7 I know the edges may get a little mushy. You'll be surprised by the nice images you'll get on 4X5.

Philippe Gauthier
2-Nov-2003, 20:38
Thank you all for the quick answers on this lever and the color codes - it is meant for flash bulbs and I should have guessed that! Interesting to see nonetheless. I got the lens + shutter + board for the equivalent of about 110 US dollars. It's very clean. I saw a site asking 400 USD for the same combo.

My only lens before this new one was a much older Laack 135/4.5 Anastigmat Popolyt (some kind of triplet) and I was already impressed with the results. I'm sure that the Paragon will blow me away, as long as I keep shooting B&W at least. Anyway, I mostly intend to contact print cyanotypes withthe negs.