View Full Version : Epson 3800 printer problem????????????

30-Dec-2011, 18:58
I have an Epson 3800 printer and I cannot get the "front feed slot" to close.It opened and closed before with no problem but now it won't close.I'm trying to make a 17x36 inch print on Ilford 17" roll paper and I'm having a bear of a time trying to get it to work.My main problem right now is that the front feed slot will not close.What do I do next?

Brian Ellis
30-Dec-2011, 22:05
I'd call Epson and see what they suggest. When I had a rear feed problem I called and they told me how to fix it. The number I called was 888-377-6611, which I think was a number for preferred tech support. That may not be the number today but it's a place to start if you don't have a better number.

31-Dec-2011, 13:39
Thanks, I did get the "front feed slot" to close but it took a little bit of force. The printer is printing fine.I'm still having problems using the roll paper in the printer it's SO CURLED.Any ideas?

Jon Shiu
31-Dec-2011, 14:50
For roll paper, cut off the piece and then reverse roll it on a large diameter tube with a sort of cover paper attached to the tube.