View Full Version : LF digital processing without owning equipment in NYC

28-Dec-2011, 23:08
Would it be possible for a hobbyist new to LF photography to employ digital processing without owning any high end (or even decent) scanning and printing equipment?

I live in NYC and there are a lot of retail photography processing shops.

I was thinking I could shoot on slide film and either use a light box to preview or my existing crappy combination printer/scanner, and then take a few shots a week that I really really like down to the store to get scanned, print at a modest size and perhaps make a large print like once a month.

I was wondering if you think this would make any sense, be cost effective, result in highest quality, etc. if I would only be printing like say 1 large print per month?

Or do you really need your own scanner and printer so you can adjust, re-print, etc.


Noah A
29-Dec-2011, 07:06
It's very possible. I'd go here:


And rent their Imacon for scans and rent their printing stations for epson or digital-c prints.

(I have no affiliation with the lab, but I've used them in the past for lightjet prints and they're great to work with.)