View Full Version : Schneider 58mm S/A XL and recessed board on an Arca

Harley Goldman
29-Oct-2003, 16:49
I am looking at buying the 58mm S/A XL. I shoot with an Arca 4x5 with a reduction board adapter for Linhof/Wista boards and a leather bag bellows. Is a recessed board an absolute neccessity with this lens? With a flat lens board, would I even be able to use the lens? If yes, what movements would be available (I shoot landscape and would primarily require tilt - I can live without rise). Is this doable? The recessed boards are danged expensive!

Henry Ambrose
29-Oct-2003, 18:05
I use an Arca with the leather wide bellows and my 58 is on a flat Technika board on an Arca Technika adaptor board. I can get about 5-7 degrees of forward tilt. But I use my 58 stopped down to f22 and DOF takes care of my needs.

Ellis Vener
30-Oct-2003, 06:46
henry makes a great pint. with these super wide angle lenses (65mm or shorter), shooting most landscapes from the eye level of an average human using tilt rarely actually gains you anything