View Full Version : Another film reciprocity App

David Eisenlord (Ike)
16-Dec-2011, 12:15
I've written a simple IPhone app for timing long exposures accounting for reciprocity.

It uses a simple table format for reciprocity data that allows you to add your own films or tables you find on the net. I've include some standard b&w manufacture data along with some tables graciously provided by Don Kirby, Howard Bond and Bruce Barnbaum.

More info here.

App Store (http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/film-timer/id484554296?mt=8)

www.davideisenlord.com/FilmTimer (http://www.davideisenlord.com/FilmTimer)


16-Dec-2011, 15:29
I download this the other day after seeing it on the APUG banner. Seems to work well and simple to use. I like the way its easy to add your own films without messing around with file downloads

David Eisenlord (Ike)
19-Dec-2011, 07:31
Glad it's working out for you.