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13-Dec-2011, 05:09
I just moved to Taiwan.

This country has a lot of beautiful landscapes.

And it is very easy to move from city to city.

I left my 4x5 camera in Spain, and now I regret about that. :(

Anyone here?

13-Dec-2011, 06:10
I used to live in Taipei but now moved back to Hong Kong. How long will you stay there?

13-Dec-2011, 07:58
I used to live in Taipei but now moved back to Hong Kong. How long will you stay there?

I will be here at least until June 2012.

I am very close to Taipei now (I live in Hsinchu).

I have visited Taipei, Taichung, Keelung, Jiufen and Sun Moon lake.

I plan to visit more places (Taroko, Penghu, AliShan, Yilan, Hualien, Taitung, Kaohsiung ... ).

On Chinese new year (Jan 23th) maybe I will travel to Japan or Philippines. Some people told me that everything here is closed on that date.

I am thinking about: 1) going back to Spain for my Rittreck View 4x5 and accesories, 2) go to japan and buy another one (and also a 5x7 back), or 3) buy/rent a second hand Sinar here (Shueido).

(I have all the stuff in my country: lenses, lens holders, spotmeter, filmholders, loupe, changing bag, development tank, ... ) :confused:

13-Dec-2011, 10:34
I've never spent the Lunar new year in Taiwan, but in most asian countries it is an exciting time and not to be missed - even though the stores might be closed.

David R Munson
14-Dec-2011, 06:42
Hey! I'm in Kaohsiung! If you plan to come down to the South, please let me know. I'll also be up in Taipei for New Year's. I'd be happy to get together.

15-Dec-2011, 09:33
Hey! I'm in Kaohsiung! If you plan to come down to the South, please let me know. I'll also be up in Taipei for New Year's. I'd be happy to get together.

Hi David,

I cannot believe! what a coincidence !

I have two HSR tickets to Kaohsiung for this weekend.

We have the Spaniards Christmas lunch next Saturday (12/17) at 12:00 :

No.578 Heti Rd. San Ming Dist. Kaohsing

I send you a PM !

14-Feb-2012, 00:10
I'm moving to Kaohsiung in mid March. David or Ramon have you had much luck processing color c-41 sheets in Taiwan? I'm guessing there may some labs in Taipei but would be excited if one could also take care of it in Kaohsiung.

David R Munson
14-Feb-2012, 14:40
I haven't had any film processed while here. I suspect there is still a pro lab or two up in Taipei, but I haven't looked. Will you be doing any b&w processing yourself? Let me know if so. I'm leaving in a few weeks and have an extra bottle of fixer I won't be using. Also, bring as much film as you think you might want to use while here. I found an eBay seller based in Tainan that sells the Shanghai films, but beyond that sheet film doesn't seem to exist here any more.

14-Feb-2012, 15:06
@David I suspect I could be doing some b&w processing myself but I mainly shoot color. Have you processed b&w sheet film at your place? If so how, tray processing? Thanks for the advice on the eBay seller. I also have heard of a place in Hong Kong that does processing of sheet film. Do you shot any medium format or only LF?

14-Feb-2012, 15:10
This is the place I heard about in Hong Kong.


David R Munson
14-Feb-2012, 16:42
I have a second, small bathroom in my apartment that I mostly light-proofed (still can only use it at night!), and I have processed sheet film in there. I have a small table I set up in the shower, and I use plastic refrigerator trays from Daiso to do the processing. Not great, but cheap and they work OK.

These days I am mostly shooting 35mm and 120 film. My 5D Mk II needs to be sent in for repair as soon as I get back to the US, and I just shipped all my 4x5 equipment back to the US, so all I have right now are 35mm and medium format. This is a good thing as it's given me an opportunity to get my backlog of undeveloped film down from about 150 rolls to less than 20 now. :)

14-Feb-2012, 17:40
Sounds good. I guess I'd do something similar if I needed to process 4x5 b&w. I've been living in Korea and have been sending a bunch of stuff back from time to time. It's expensive but I like the quality and being able to communicate any issue I have with the processing.

Any tips on living in Kaohsiung? There is a nice community of shooters where I have been living(Busan).

David R Munson
14-Feb-2012, 20:17
Kaohsiung is a good city to be in. There's one shop that I know of that still deals film and film cameras and looks like it's been there for a long time (near the O2 Yanchengpu subway stop). The rest of the camera shops are mostly concentrated in one part of town known as Computer Street right off of the R10 Kaohsiung Main Station subway stop. They have plenty of stuff available there for digital, accessories, and tripods, but not much for film cameras. There's also a camera district in Taipei, and film cameras and related supplies are much easier to come by there. I'm sure there are online shops in Taiwan that sell relevant things, but I haven't found them.

It's funny that you're coming to Kaohsiung from Busan. I came here a little more than a year ago after living a while in Changwon!

15-Feb-2012, 17:53
wow, that is random. When you were in Korea what did you do with your Large Format work? Do you ever shoot color 4x5? From what I can gather online it may be best just to send my stuff back to the states. I've actually done that here for my medium format work. I'm death with some labs in Seoul, which are pretty good. Although the inability to communicate much is a barrier. I plan to get a scanner when I come to Taiwan.

If I did shoot B&W and process it myself it is easy to get ahold of chemicals in Kaohsiung?

Thanks for all your help, really useful information.

David R Munson
15-Feb-2012, 19:16
I wasn't doing any 4x5 in Korea, that's just been something I've recently returned to after a hiatus of maybe 4 years.

The only place I know of to get chemicals in Kaohsiung is at the old shop in the Yanchengpu neighborhood, and they have the problem of having both limited selection and high prices on what chemicals they do have. Honestly I'm not even sure they're still replenishing stock. The last time I got anything there it was a bottle of wetting agent that seemed pretty new, but it cost more than it should have and it was sitting next to a box of enlarging paper that appeared to be (without exaggeration) at least 30 years old. Your better bet is either to find what you need in Taipei or have it shipped to you from abroad.

15-Feb-2012, 23:21
Sounds good, thanks for the info. I think I will end up sending my stuff out of country for developing especially if I'm shooting c-41. Maybe it will work out though for doing my own b&w. Cheers.