View Full Version : Hello! Any LF Peeps in NE Ohio?

9-Dec-2011, 11:18
I am a new convert and am seeking like minded inividuals. Am also interested, perhaps, in finding mentor. Thank you.

Paul Bujak
9-Dec-2011, 13:30
Where in NE OH? Do you have a name?

Paul in CFO

Gem Singer
9-Dec-2011, 13:38
If you are close to Columbus, Jim Andraki, at Midwest Photo Exchange, is the man to contact for LF knowledge.

12-Dec-2011, 20:10
Hello Paul!
I live in Medina County.

12-Dec-2011, 21:15
I'm in southwest PA, but there are several LF shooters who gather in Bath, OH on occasion. It's usually organized over at www.apug.org in the regional group section.

13-Dec-2011, 05:44
Thank you!

13-Dec-2011, 05:49
I live in Cleveland Hts. Also, contact Jeff @ Labwork in downtown Cleveland. He does B&W work there.


15-Dec-2011, 11:46
I'm down in the canton area. Love to go shooting when my schedule allows. I've been to the gatherings in Bath a few times and it's a good group of people. Every time I've had a blast just hanging out with like minded folks and and have learned a lot from this group. The gentleman that hosts this gathering is John Powers. I believe he is more active on APUG but frequents this site. Your more than welcome to PM me if you would just like someone to go out and shoot with. I'm on high pressure stand by at the moment but my work schedule has been pretty hectic lately.
Doug Clow

15-Dec-2011, 11:55
I just checked out your profile and noticed your into fishing too. When I'm not shooting I'm fishing. Mostly rivers and streams in our area. Hit the spillways pretty hard all winter for nice walleyes and pike.

15-Dec-2011, 12:50
Thank you everyone!
I will probable make contact after the Holidays...

27-Jan-2013, 19:46
I'm in the NW/ Toledo area. New to the LF field, and am still looking for a camera.

John Powers
9-Feb-2013, 14:19
Hi all. I am the guilty John Powers mentioned above. Thank you for the kind words. I am host of the NE OH Gatherings, three or four a year in warm weather for the last five years. There is a post for the next event on the Midwest LF Asylum and on Apug.org. I will post here. The Apug post usually gets the most response. We have quite a few people saying they will be at our May 17-19, 2013 event. All film shooters are welcome.

I know Adam. He has been to these events. My wife and I have been to his house.


8-Aug-2013, 20:05
another one coming up this weekend at John's if you can make it.


14-Aug-2013, 00:11
John Powers and other NE Ohio photographers:

I grew up in Lorain, Ohio in the '50s when Lake Erie would froze all the way to Canada and we had lots of snow. In the late '60s, I was a photojournalist for the Lorain Journal and later the Akron Beacon Journal. Even though I currently live in Atlanta, Georgia I try to get up to Ohio to see family every year or two. They live in Cincinnati, Columbus and Elyria.

The way the jet stream has been pumping moisture into the USA this year I suspect Ohio is in for a record snowfall during the winter of 2013/2014. So I plan to drive up to Lorain County between blizzards this winter in order to shoot landscapes with my 4x5 gear.

I have in my archives some 30 minute B&W exposures that I created of the frozen Lorain harbor a couple years ago late one night using my 35mm Nikons and want to try to duplicate those on 4x5. The temperature was -5*F that night. Those photos are on my bucket list.

Please contact me if you plan any winter outings.

Thank you.

Terry Thomas...
the photographer
Skype: AtlantaTerry