View Full Version : Another New HP5+ Question

Brian Ellis
7-Oct-2003, 15:19
I've been reading about the "new" HP5+ film. I just had film speed and development time tests done for HP5+ about four months ago and would rather not have to redo them. Is there a rule of thumb that can be used to convert N, N plus, and N minus times for the old version to the new version in order to take the lower fb+f of the newer version into account? Or is there no alternative except to run new tests?

Andrew O'Neill
7-Oct-2003, 15:37
Hi Brian, I wouldn't bother retesting. My times are the same. I think you are okay as you probably did tests on the new stuff anyways. For me there has been a "slight" change in its character, although very slight.

7-Oct-2003, 16:07
What's the change in its character?

Andrew O'Neill
7-Oct-2003, 18:16
Slightly less compression in the high lights....which is a good thing for me.