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1-Nov-2011, 13:43
Here is a lightweight custom made and modified Polaroid 900 camera in the 4x5 format, takes any film holder intended for a 4x5 format camera, most holders securely slip in under the ground glass spring back.

Your choice of a Polaroid Model 900 with either a 135mm Schneider Xenar f4.7 or a 150mm Fuji Fujinar lens $800 for either one.

Use the coupled parrallax corrected brightframe combined rangefinder view finder focus or the ground glass.

This 900 4x5 camera model shown is equipped with a 135mm f3.5 Schneider Xenotar lens, This model is also modified for Close Focus, Why Close Focus? When you mount a 135mm or 150mm lens to these cameras you can only focus to 5 feet, this camera is modified for 34 inches of which make for excellent portraits. The Schneider Xenotar is known for its exceptional sharpness and speed.



Please Note, The Schneider 135mm f3.5 lens shown is NOT INCLUDED.

These physically large and long lenses will fold up into the camera without the need to unscrew the front lens element group like other conversions, Exclusive feature from Alpenhause.

Super tight profile anodized custom 4x5 back specifically designed and constructed for these Polaroid 110, 110B and 900 cameras, look at other 4x5 conversions, they have these huge backs salvaged from Speed Graphics, Graflexes and other huge view cameras, they stick out an inch underneath and an inch over behind the top of other 4x5 Polaroid conversions.

Many other custom lenses can be fitted as well along with other custom colors and leather coverings, just inquire.



Over 10 years experience constructing these custom cameras based on Polaroid's model 110, 110B and 900 cameras.

Two year warranty from Alpenhause Kamera Werke in Santa Paula, California. Custom cameras sold all over the world, see photos by many Alpenhause camera owners from around the world at Http:Alpenhause.com/Albums. Reasonable best offers considered, just ask.

1-Nov-2011, 14:11
I thought dealers were not allowed to post in the For Sale/Wanted forum.

1-Nov-2011, 14:40
I am not a dealer, I am a hobbyist and custom fabricator.

1-Nov-2011, 15:03
On this scale the for sale forum really isn't the correct place for this, I'm sorry. It might be good to discuss this with a moderator.

Steven Tribe
1-Nov-2011, 15:04
I personaly think that your "listings" and links are way beyond what I want to see here!

15-Nov-2011, 09:31
Hi, These two cameras are still for sale

Rick A
15-Nov-2011, 10:51
Gorgious cameras, beautiful workmanship. Keep up the good work, good luck with the sales.

Gem Singer
15-Nov-2011, 11:06
Aren't the Fuji Fujinar lenses enlarger lenses?

Did you mean Fujinon?

Ken Lee
15-Nov-2011, 12:00
I have moved this to the "new products" section.

We do not allow people who make or modify equipment on a regular basis, to advertise here: only to announce.

There are many forum members who provide equipment and services to the Large Format community. We appreciate and encourage their efforts, and they respect the forum guidelines.

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