View Full Version : Lodima silver chloride photographic paper is now in production

Michael A. Smith
12-Oct-2011, 08:26
Lodima silver chloride photographic paper is now in production:

We have raised the amount of money needed for this second run of paper. and production of this new run is happening this month (October 2011). We are grateful to those who have already placed orders, which enabled us to have this paper made. And we are now offering those who have not placed an order yet to place one at the current prices. As soon as the paper is received here in the USA, due to the rise in the cost of silver and of paper, the prices will go up considerably.

Full details can be found here: http://www.michaelandpaula.com/mp/newpaper.html

The current prices are under the column: "pre-production orders."

Michael A. Smith

Steven Tribe
12-Oct-2011, 14:47
I quote:

"Overseas orders: shipping costs have become prohibitive. We believe there will be a considerable number of orders from overseas and have arranged to have some of the paper shipped from the EU manufacturer to an EU address. To accommodate the overseas orders, we will fly over and ship the paper from there."

This sounds a bit of an "overkill" method of meeting EU demand?
Is there a current Euro price list for dispatch from the EU maker?

Michael A. Smith
12-Oct-2011, 20:29
That quote is from a very long time ago.

When we did the first run of this paper we found that it was less expensive for those in the EU to have the paper shipped from the USA rather than from the EU country where the paper is made. If paper is shipped from an EU country, VAT must be charged. VAT + shipping came to be more expensive than shipping from the USA.

When we ship overseas, we value low for customs purposes. The risk is the buyers, but we pack well and have never had any order lost or damaged. We ship out of the USA via USPS.

That being said, we are in discussions with an EU distributor.