View Full Version : 4x5 B/W film in Pyro - scanning?

Mark Houtzager
20-May-2002, 16:49
I have read some articles on developing 4x5 sheets in Pyro (PMK) developer and g ot inspired.

Before embarking on this rather toxic project, can anyone please shed a light on whether the resulting ("stained") negatives can be scanned decently - either as a drumscan or flatbed? Do some PMK-developed films scan better than others?



Carl Weese
20-May-2002, 17:12
Scanners will have an easy time with pyro-developed negatives. The option of scanning in color and then segregating the channel information in PhotoShop can also be useful.

Pyro also isn't all that toxic--just be sure to wear gloves because it is easily absorbed through the skin, and be very careful handling the dry powder if you mix from scratch to be sure you don't inhale the dust. As long as you take those precautions, which are a good idea with just about any chemical, you'll be fine.

David G Hall
20-May-2002, 18:33

Pyro negatives scan very well because they are thinner than non pyro negatives. So you get more detail in both highs and lows in the scan.

I have been developing HP5 in PMK for years and more recently Bergger and FP4. I have also been trying TMX. I have been scanning for about two years. If you need help with start times for the best negatives for scanning, let me know.