View Full Version : Aristo V-54-HI lamp for D57 head available!

Steve Goldstein
20-Sep-2011, 14:46
This is a heads-up for anyone out there who might be looking for a V54 lamp for the Aristo D57 head, which I believe fits the Durst L138S.

Today I received a quote from Louise Kessler for the re-engineered V54-phosphor lamp. I'd gotten on her waiting list a while ago when I actually had a D57, but have since sold it. My plan had been to find a way to use it on my Beseler 45, but I ended up going (more accurately, planning to go) in a different direction.

I can send a copy of the PDF quote to anyone interested, or you can contact Louise directly at Louise.Kessler@voltarc.com. In case you're curious, it's $275 + $15 for shipping in the US, foreign shipping will be more.

I've no connection other than having purchased a spare V54 lamp for my Beseler 45 after that product was revived.

And yes, I've contacted the individual who purchased my D57.