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bob carnie
30-Jun-2011, 12:57
Hi All
I am hoping all our Southern Brothers and Sisters can visit Louisville.
I am announcing a project my company is getting involved with, my wife , two dogs Barney and Lucy, and myself will be in Louisville the third weekend in October, I hope you can join us, in fact I will buy you a nice glass of Ontario wine Fri evening.

here are the details:
Canadians Invade Kentucky Photo Biennial October 2011*
Many photographers have longed for an opportunity to show their personal work. How many times have you*stood in front of a fine art photography exhibit and said: "I can do that." Well, here's your chance to get the exposure you need to break in.
Canadians are invited by Elevator Exhibitions to join in the Canadian Invasion at the Kentucky Photo Biennial. In October, Canadian's will be celebrated as*the highlight of the Photography Festival in Louisville.
This opportunity*for a Fine Art Photography Cultural Exchange between Canada and the US*has been created by Elevator Exhibitions, the newest part of the Elevator family.* With our collective connections to the American photography scene, we are taking a truckload of*fabulous photography down to Louisville.*The 2011 Kentucky Photo Biennial will be the first in a series of*travelling exhibitions.
The Louisville Kentucky*Photography Biennial is*on for the month of October.
The Canadian Invasion by the Elevator team, and any photographers willing to make the trek, will be on the weekend of October 21, 22, 23. Various gallerys will be hosting various parties on those three*days. This is an excellent opportunity to meet and greet gallerists and artists from all over the US. Elevator Exhibitions will be producing Convention Center group show and its opening will kick off the Canadian celebration.
Get in at ground level.*This opportunity is an ‘edge of the wedge’ to get into the fine art photography world. Get noticed by museum curators, gallerists, photo collectors. Learn the ropes, and help jump start your fine art photography sales.
Elevator*Exhibitions*are scheduled to*travel onto additional photography festivals, we are looking for host city’s to tap into our project, as well hope to have new photographers; Canadian, Mexican, American, as we broaden the Elevator Exhibition Circuit over the next three to four years.

Toronto is home to the largest photography festival in the world with its CONTACTPHOTO festival. This has put Canadian photography, and its artists, on a world stage. With all that buzz, we feel the time is right to promote Canadian work in the US as we*are seen to be the fine art photographers to watch.

Join the invasion. Meet us at this amazing event in Louisville.
For info go to http://www.elevatorexhibitions.com

Monty McCutchen
30-Jun-2011, 14:40
Good luck Bob! If I am around that week I will make the drive up to catch the opening.

Hope it goes well,


bob carnie
26-Aug-2011, 07:29
Ok Here is an update with some propoganda. LOUISVILLE ROCKS.
I am printing the Russell Monk show right now so it will be the first viewing of the work.. Winning the PDN's faces competition is pretty cool.

At this point we estimate around 485 framed pieces will be coming to Louisville plus potentially 40 flats with minimum three images on each in Studio 181.
What is coming,, Solarized prints, lith prints, tri toned silver gelatin prints, duotone silver gelatin prints , lambda tri tone silver gelatin and duotone silver gelatin prints, Lambda colour and Inkjet prints, and a small sampling of multiple register gum over pt pd prints.

If you want to stay at the hotel go to Marriot Residence Louisville ask for Brooke Legrange and say you want to rub shoulders with the Canadians and you will get our rates.
I hope as many of our friends within a few hours of Kentucky will consider joining us for the weekend lots to do and worth the drive.

The Invasion is ON!!
·················································· ························

The photo biennial in Louisville is taking shape. After our scouting trip two weeks ago, we have firmed up many of the details for our event this October.

Many of the exhibitions will be taking place at the Mellwood Arts Center, Louisville's version of our Distillery District. Gallery Mwill be featuring Barrie Wentzel, Charlotte Forbes, and Maureen O'Connor. Pigment Gallerywill be featuring Russell Monk. Congratulations to Russell on winning PDN's annual Faces competition - this is the work that will be featured in his show. The Bridge Gallerywill be showing Bob Carnie.

The Kaviar ForgeGallery will be showing Ryan Pyle's work. Gallery Janjobewill be featuring Laura Paterson Carnie. Gallery A, will show the work of Robert Sprachman; Gallery B,Denis Lalonde. The Mellwood Cafe will show Kamelia Pezeshki and Rinath Maman. Architype Gallerywill feature Kevin Viner and Justin Klym.

Keep up to date with all the details at our Canadian Invasion page .

Canadian Group Show @ Studio 181
·················································· ························
Book now!

Our photographic 'invasion' of Louisville will also include a group show of Canadian artists. We have secured a 2000 sq. ft. gallery space at the Mellwood Art Center.

Now is the time to book space for this show. Work will be exhibited from October 22 through to December 31st. Sections of walls can be 'rented,' as well as vertical display flats that will run through the centre of the gallery.

This is an opportunity to show your work in the US market.

Space is booking quickly. Call us for more information and pricing. Or email us a contact@elevatorexhibitions.com

You can follow us on Facebook at the links below:

Elevator Digital on Facebook

Dylan Ellis Galleryon Facebook

bob carnie
18-Oct-2011, 08:17
Final update before the openings this weekend.

For those who have gallery representation or art groups that may be interested in being invaded by Elevator Exhibitons, we are actively looking for other cities .
We have interest in any location internationally, it takes time to pull one of these events off but it is of huge interest to us to meet other like minded groups.

For Immediate Release
October 17, 2011 • Toronto
A Canadians Invasion
As part of Louisville’s Photo Biennial 2011, the photographic works
of over 30 Canadian photographers will be exhibited in Louisville this
weekend. This impressive collection of more than 300 images will be on
display at multiple galleries at The Mellwood Art Center, as well as
Kaviar Forge & Gallery, and Architype Gallery.
This artistic incursion has been developed and executed by
Elevator Exhibitions of Toronto. Elevator is a fine art producer of
photographic printing and finishing. Working with artists all over the
world, Elevator completes hundreds of gallery-quality exhibitions each
“By facilitating this ‘invasion’ we help our client’s expand their reach into
other markets,” says one of Elevator’s principals, photographer Kevin
Viner. “We hope that this is the first of many such events that we will
organize in the US and beyond.”
The shows start on Frankfort Ave., on Saturday October 22nd at 1:30 pm
with two openings, and then move to Mellwood on Saturday evening at
5:30 pm for 10 openings including The Best of Canada group show at
Studio 181. The event wraps up on Sunday October 23rd with a brief
lecture series at 11:30 am at Mellwood. World-class photographers
Russell Monk, Ryan Pyle, and Barrie Wentzell will be speaking on their
work, their process, and their adventures. A complete schedule of
events is available at www.elevatorexhibitions.com.
For more information:
Kevin Viner