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24-Jun-2011, 13:05
I was wondering if any of you have played with the standard 14x17 cassettes that hold xray film for medical use? They appear to be like a contact frame on the back with spring clips, etc...

My question is, what holds the film inside? Is it the pressure of the frame being shut or is there anything else? I didn't want to waste a bunch of $ getting one to find out. They are fairly inexpensive though compared to normal film holders.

If there was a way they hold film in and can be opened up without the film falling out, I was thinking I could build a camera to use them as film holders and incorporate a black sandblasting glove or something similarly light tight into the side of it for closing the film holder after exposure.

A small camming lever could be used to release the film holder springs upon insertion, but would be difficult to close the springs back up, thus the need for a glove or some other idea for closing the holder.

Alan S
24-Jun-2011, 18:00
I have taken many many x-rays. The cassettes hold the film in by closing the door, (actually hinged rather than a slide)which then clicks or cams shut. The film is held in contact with the intensifying screens, both front and back. I am not sure how you could modify a x-ray film holder for photographic work.


24-Jun-2011, 18:45
Alan, thanks for the concise and helpful answer. If the film is held by closing the door, it's indeed not of much use.