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Michael A. Smith
25-Apr-2011, 10:31
New production run of Lodima Silver Chloride Paper

We are about to place an order for a new production run of the paper for both grade 2 and grade 3. The new run of paper will be on double-weight stock, heaver than the first production run. As before, however, we must pay for the paper before it is shipped to us. Since we do not have the money to purchase this run of paper, and since having this paper made has not resulted in any income that we could set aside for the reorder, we are asking you to place a "pre-production order" for the paper at this time. Until we know that there is enough money to pay for this new run of paper we cannot actually place a firm order.

We will not be depositing your checks or charging credit/debit cards until we need to pay for the paper, which will be as soon as we have raised the necessary funds, but we must have your commitment to an order at this time so we know where we stand.

We were hoping to keep the current prices for all pre-production orders, but since the last run of Lodima paper was made, due to the rising price of silver, the rising price of the paper, and the rise of the Euro against the dollar, the cost of the paper to us has risen by over 35%. Because of that, we must increase the price of the paper. However, for those who are now placing a pre-production order, we are raising the price of the paper only 15% (sometimes a little more and sometimes a little less). Although we do not need to raise as much money as we did when we had the first run of paper made, we still need to raise an amount in six figures, so we hope you will be able to place a large order, notwithstanding the orders you have previously placed, and we know some of you placed very large orders.

Currently, we are almost entirely out of Grade 3 (we have hardly more than a single box of paper for ourselves), but we do have some grade 2 remaining. If anyone wants to order from the existing stock we will keep the current prices. Also, for anyone interested, we now find we have 5x7 paper grade 3 on hand. We will sell it in 100-sheet quantities for $74.95.

You can now order Lodima paper in all sizes that were originally ordered: 8x10, 9x11, 10x12, 11x14, 8x20, 16x20, and 20x24. After the pre-production order we will only stock 8x10, and a small quantity of 20x24 paper, so if you want the other sizes, please now order as much as you expect to use.
Here are the prices:
Price after
Size Quantity Price pre-production offer
8x10 25 sheets $59.95 $67.50
8x10 100 sheets $174.95 $204.95
8x10 250 sheets $399.95 $474.75
9x11 100 sheets $219.95 $259.95
10x12 100 sheets $259.95 $299.95
11x14 100 sheets $335.95 $389.95
8x20 100 sheets $349.95 $404.95
16x20 50 sheets $349.95 $404.95
20x24 50 sheets $519.95 $599.95

You can place your order online here http://store.michaelandpaula.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=11&products_id=115 or give us a call at 610-847-2005. On our shopping cart, in the block where you can leave a comment, just write "Pre-Production Order." Please send a check if at all possible. The credit/debit card fees we are charged seriously cut into the amount we will have available to pay the manufacturer.

To order from the existing stock of paper, you can place your order here: http://store.michaelandpaula.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=1

Please let us know if you have any comments or questions.

Many, many thanks for your continued support, and we look forward to hearing from you,

Michael A. Smith and Paula Chamlee

Kevin J. Kolosky
25-Apr-2011, 10:57
The bummer of all of this is that most folks that use large format shoot in 4x5 and want larger prints than 4x5.

Wish there was an effective way to use this LODIMA paper with an enlarger. If so I think it would be alot easier to secure funds for these large orders.

William McEwen
25-Apr-2011, 12:04
I sometimes get in trouble for leading the subjects away from the original post, but here goes...

I shot 4x5 and made contact prints from 1984 to 1989.

I was very happy with my camera and my prints, but I heard the call from others -- and from within -- that my prints needed to be larger.

So I traded up and purchased up to 8x10. Now I shoot everything on 8x10 and make contact prints.

Two weeks ago, I opened a couple of boxes that contain most of the framed prints from an exhibition I had in 1985. All 4x5 contacts, mounted on 11x14.

I hadn't looked at them in many, many years, and I found they looked just fine in 4x5.

However -- I do remember people complaining years ago, "They're so small!"

I say to hell with them. Ralph Steiner said (and I often repeat), "Be intensely yourself."

So if your 4x5 contacts look good to you, so be it.

Eddie Weston and Alfred Stieglitz did just fine with 4x5 contacts.

25-Apr-2011, 12:07
The bummer of all of this is that most folks that use large format shoot in 4x5 and want larger prints than 4x5.

Wish there was an effective way to use this LODIMA paper with an enlarger. If so I think it would be alot easier to secure funds for these large orders.

Lodima was intended for use by those who contact print. Other papers are available for those with smaller formats who choose to enlarge.
You can creative digital negatives to suit your taste, large enough to contact print.

Kevin J. Kolosky
25-Apr-2011, 13:01
"Be intensely yourself."

Ok. I don't want to create internegatives and I want to enlarge on this paper because I don't like 4 x 5 prints.

William McEwen
25-Apr-2011, 14:17
"Be intensely yourself."

OK. I don't want to create internegatives and I want to enlarge on this paper because I don't like 4 x 5 prints.

Sounds good to me!

25-Apr-2011, 14:22
This thread caught my eye so I tried to find information regarding the nature of this paper.
Difficult to put together, the best info I found was and old articcle on AZO by Michael. You might conside a bit of a primer on this paper for the newer aficionados out there.
I also went thriugh the ordering process for shipping to Canada but it got to a dead end without actually inputing my credit card info, which since you want a cheque was ironic.
But I am still intrigued.
Think of this as a bump with interest.

Colin Graham
25-Apr-2011, 14:35
Kevin, you might want to dig around on the azo forum (http://www.michaelandpaula.com/mp/azoforum/default.asp?BulletinCate=12), it seems like a special lamp was made for enlarging on azo papers. Also, azo is supposed to respond well to digital negatives if you want to try that route.

My memory of this is admittedly hazy and pre-Lodima, so not sure if it hold true to the new paper.

Michael A. Smith
25-Apr-2011, 18:13
Weird. I posted a reply earlier, but it is not here.

We ship to Canada and overseas regularly. Just enter your order. We never include shipping charges because we cannot know what they will be until we actually pack up the order.

If you want to pay by check or wire transfer, just mention that in the "comments" box.

At www.michaelandpaula.com under "Writings" are my articles about Azo and one "On Printing." And the Azo Forum has a tremendous wealth of information about everything having to do with contact printing on silver chloride paper. I will be happy to answer any question anyone might have,

There was a light bulb made for enlarging onto silver chloride paper, and it could be made again. But 10 orders are needed for the inventor to have it made and it is quite expensive. It is made to fit into 4x5 Omega and Beseler enlargers.

Michael A. Smith

Jay Wolfe
25-Apr-2011, 19:24
Here's a link to Bruce Barlow's article about enlarging on Azo: http://www.circleofthesunproductions.com/PDFs/TheGreatPaper-DeveloperShootout-Part4.pdf

25-Apr-2011, 21:37
sounds like nice paper, but six figures thats like 100,000 clam shells, yikes!

but 1.50 a piece aint to bad, ilford is about $1ea

just gotta find those missing clam shells...

John Bowen
26-Apr-2011, 05:51
Having purchased a significant amount from the last order, I can say without hesitation that this paper is wonderful; and a nice compliment to AZO.