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Len Eselson
13-Apr-2011, 16:17
B&W Photographers, who process their own film/prints using traditional darkroom methods are welcome to join an informal group for print reviews, and photo discussion. Next meeting will be in Raleigh on Tuesday, April 19th. All formats are welcome, but LF is the usual. PM or email squarepiks@att.net for more info.
Len Eselson

15-Oct-2014, 08:18
Where do you meet in Raleigh ? Al

7-Nov-2014, 10:33
Are you guys still active?

Michael Rosenberg
12-Nov-2014, 15:22
Unfortunately I think the group no longer is active. But there are still a number of us around.


12-Nov-2014, 20:06
Posting just to chime in as an RTP-area semi-photographer.

15-Nov-2014, 18:54
Maybe we can get something going after the new year...

27-Nov-2014, 06:52
New member to the group; a great resource for traditional photographers ! It's nice to know a few of us are in the triangle area, maybe a few of us can get together occasionally. Al