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13-Apr-2011, 07:43
Two parter here guys. First, are there any LF meetups in NYC (I didn't find any.)? Second, would you all be interested in an LF expedition to the Brooklyn Botannical Gardens to photograph the Cherry Blossoms before the festival?

Renato Tonelli
13-Apr-2011, 08:45
Beat me to the punch!

I am planning an outing this coming Monday to photograph the Cherry Blossoms in Central Park. So far a couple of students are planning to come along. If anyone else is interested, let me know a d we'll set up some meeting spots.

I would like to go along to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens as well if I can fit it in (weekends, next Mon/Tue NOT good for me). Let me know which day you're planning on.

Pete Roody
13-Apr-2011, 14:32
We haven't done a group outing in a long while so why not. Saturdays are usually best for me. I just have to locate a mule to carry my gear. I know just who to call.

13-Apr-2011, 19:55
Saturday mornings are extra great because you get into the BBG for free :) Who doesnt like free things.

Renato Tonelli
23-Apr-2011, 08:29
Well, I was out there struggling with the 8x10; the sunlight quit at about 1PM but I continued (shooting color transp.). Got lots of questions, especially from young people; invited them to take a peek at the ground glass ('that's so cool!') An old fart with a Leica M9 asked me how many megapixels it was equivalent to. Ran into a 4x5 photographer who specializes in photographing Central Park and had a nice chat.

24-Apr-2011, 05:21

3-Aug-2011, 03:27
I'd be interested in outings.

3-Aug-2011, 04:24
I'd be interested in outings.

suggest one then

3-Aug-2011, 13:46
Will anyone be on Governors Island on August 13-14 for the Civil War Living History Event?


8-Aug-2011, 19:42
interesting.. when is eddie doing a gathering?

9-Aug-2011, 06:08
interesting.. when is eddie doing a gathering?

i was thinking this weekend but i have a shooting engagement i must attend.......guns that is! :)


if i get motivated i will let you know....been tired and lazy recently.....