View Full Version : New Heliopan High Transmission Cir Pols

Bob Salomon
19-Feb-2011, 11:47
Heliopan is now shipping their new High Transmission SH-PMC circular polarizing filters which have a filter factor of just 2.0 (1 stop light loss) while maintaining the same polarizing effect as the regular Heliopan polarizing filters which have a filter factor of 2.5!
The new filters are available in screw-in sizes from 46 to 82mm in both standard and slim Heliopan brass mounts. The slim circular polarizer will work without vignetting even with extreme wide angle lenses. This ring does not have front threads. The standard He- liopan polarizing filter mount does have front threads. Both versions are supplied in calibrated filter mounts for use with non-SLR cameras.
The new Heliopan High Transmission circular polarizing filters are available from camera stores in the USA.
• High quality solid brass rings. • Black anodized rings. • Loses just 1 stop, filter factor of 2.0. • Color neutral regardless of setting. • Calibrated, repeatable settings. • Same polarizing effect as regular polarizing filters that lose more light. • SH-PMC coatings pass 99.8% of the light on to the image plane. • Least flare of any filter coatings. • Top layer on each side repels dust and moisture. Very easy to keep clean.

Darin Boville
25-Jun-2012, 17:53
Has anyone compared the Helipons to the B+Ws? Does it really transmit more light in real world use without other unwanted aspects?

More generally, what are the differences (if any) between the high-end Pol filters?


25-Jun-2012, 18:46
I just wish the 82mm size wasn't $332!

Darin Boville
25-Jun-2012, 19:11
I just wish the 82mm size wasn't $332!

Heck, over five years that's only like eighteen cents a day! Think of it as an investment :)