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18-Feb-2011, 12:27
Going to JoshuaTree this weekend, apparently it's going to rain but I'm hoping for cool clouds. I'm taking my 5x7 and Pentax 67. Any advice of where to go in the park? Jumbo Rocks, the Arch, any other hidden treasures accessible with a Toyota Prius? haha
This is my first official photo trip with my new 2D 5x7 camera. Wish me luck!


18-Feb-2011, 12:34
Good luck.....!

Sunlight will burn through any pinholes in the bellows. Make sure to cover the bellows with the focusing cloth before removing the dark slide. If you have one of those silly focusing jackets (instead of a regular dark cloth) take a sheet as well.

No nasty surprises that way.

You'll be exhausted from the weight of the kit, I daren't carry a 2D around!

18-Feb-2011, 12:49
A 5x7 2D is actually a light weight camera! I carry mine all day over my shoulder on the pod, with a shoulder bag holding the meter and holders. But then I am usually carrying an 8x10! LOL!

I just got back from there. I just see an interesting set of rocks and go check them out! Look for the markers for the climbers' access trails.

Be prepared to dress warm!

18-Feb-2011, 13:15
I will use the dark cloth over the bellows just in case. I don't think I have any pinholes since I did the flashlight test and have already photographed 3 images but I will take your advice just in case Ash!
The 2D really isn't that heavy at all. I got a nice F64 bag for it and using just one lens at the moment, a Fujinon 250 6.3 but I do have 13 holders which will make it the gear heavier.
Vaughn, I should have gone last weekend! I heard the weather was really nice. I bought some long johns, and wool socks. If I wuss out with the camping idea I might get a motel close by the park. If I get any winners I will post them in the forum. Thanks!

Jim Graves
18-Feb-2011, 13:16
I believe there is a regular February LF trip to Joshua Trees ... don't know if it's this weekend or next ... some camp (the hardy souls) and some stay in a nearby motel.

So be on the lookout for some other big cameras. I believe Jim Fitzgerald is taking his new 14 x 17 camera and Per Volquartz normally has his 8 x 10 gear and there are quite a few 4 x 5 shooters.

And, Vaughn's not kidding about taking warm clothes ... when the sun goes down it gets cold very fast.

18-Feb-2011, 13:21
Oh right on, hopefully I'll see other large format shooters this weekend and especially the 14 x 17. Wow!
It will be close to the freezing point at night so I'm going to rent a motel.
I'm really excited, I'm leaving the 4x5 home so I can concentrate on the 5x7.

18-Feb-2011, 15:02
Ahhh, but to watch the sun go down and the stars come out -- then to watch the sky start to lighten at dawn is one of the reason I camp (but I do have a VW campervan!)

I needed gloves for the early morning photographs, but it quickly warmed up. If there is wind, pick the leeward side of the rocks to photograph on. One can often photograph there, or wait for short periods of no wind.

The Joshua Tree gathering is Feb 26 & 27


18-Feb-2011, 15:16
I used to have a VW Westfalia with the popup top, I wish I still had it. The wife wants to get another one in the future. This would be an ideal situation for it. The motel is about 5 miles from the entrance to the park.

I think I'm going to pick up some HP5 at freestyle tonight after work. I already got some FP4 loaded.

18-Feb-2011, 15:19
Aww dude I wish I knew this before hand. I can't go another weekend this month. I usually work saturdays and I asked for tomorrow off.

matthew blais
18-Feb-2011, 15:19
Our gathering is next weekend (25, 26, 27) at Jumbo Rocks...if you can postpone, you're welcome to join us..

18-Feb-2011, 15:36
I wish I could, thanks for the invitation. Maybe next year if there is one.

Jim Fitzgerald
18-Feb-2011, 16:25
Yes, I will be debuting the 14x17. I'm trying to figure out which other formats to bring. Maybe just the small 8x10! The forecast is for rain on the 26th and 27th. So come prepared!

Jim Are you coming to this? If not I'll ship the back pack to you next week if it is okay. If you are I'll just give it to you there.

18-Feb-2011, 16:54
I'm jealous and wish I checked about this gathering before I committed to this weekend. I don't have any large format photo buddies..
I guess the only good thing is that I won't have to compete with any other big cameras for shots. haha