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Andrew Barr
14-Feb-2011, 12:19
Looking for large format shooters in southeastern MA, Cape Cod and Rhode Island to meet up from time to time to shoot, have coffee and talk shop. I have a few people (Plymouth and New Bedford, Ma) that want to get together this spring. I know there are people out there shooting LF...just have to bring them out of the woodwork...:)


William Whitaker
15-Feb-2011, 11:10
This thread should probably be moved to the "Groups & Meetings" forum. I'm in SE MA, but exiled to Nantucket, so logistics are a bit complicated.

Ken Lee
15-Feb-2011, 12:05
I'm in Western Mass, but would come if the scenery was good. I'd love to shoot along the shore.

16-Feb-2011, 10:30
I might make a long day-trip up your way too once in a while... or make a weekend out of it.

I'm about 25 miles West of NYC but getting bored with the stuff around here. And I haven't ventured away in a while.

Bob G.

Andrew Barr
16-Feb-2011, 12:20
I'm thinking sometime in the Spring...somewhere between New Bedford and the Newport area. Springtime along Mt.Hope bay might be nice.. It would be great for someone in the area to take charge and set up the itinerary... well along the coast we have someone in Plymouth, the Cape, New Bedford, Nantucket and let's wait to see who else comes forward. We'll see....

Jeremy Graves
17-Feb-2011, 08:54

I'm in Central Mass and would be interested in meeting up in the spring.
Hope we can get more interest in this meet up.

As a side note, I work for Lynne Damianos and your co-chair on the BSA committee.

Andrew Barr
20-Feb-2011, 14:06
That side note is the most important one! I'd love to get Lynn out there with a 4x5! If you live near your place of business...that's not what I'd consider central MA...:)
Bill Harting and I are working on getting others involved from our areas...(Plymouth and the Cape) and hopefully we can grab some from the south coast and RI .... I think 7-10 photogs would be great for a start... Then a couple times a year we could get together in different places to shoot... Hopefully some apugers will come too...


2-Mar-2011, 20:00
I would be interested in joining you for this outing, being on the cape I might be able to help with transport from the islands as well.

Andrew Barr
12-Mar-2011, 22:08

Andrew Barr
25-Mar-2011, 10:51
Just a minor update...I'm thinking sometime towards the end of april and along the South Shore...near the Plymouth coast...hopefully before the crowds arrive. Soon....

Jeremy Graves
29-Mar-2011, 13:56

I guess "Metrowest" would be the more appropriate location for where I live and work.

I hope the weather turns soon, the wind isn't playing nice with my 4x5...

Do we have a head count so far?

Andrew Barr
4-Apr-2011, 15:38
Ok...we're looking at May 7th as the meet/shoot day. The location is near the Plymouth, Ma shore.... Ellisville State Park is the place... We could walk down to the beach providing nice vistas of the salt marsh to the south and dunes to the north. A place called the Blueberry Muffin is on Rt 3a and is where we could meet.
Map here http://bit.ly/i3zy5u More definite info to follow... but please pencil in this date....

William Whitaker
4-Apr-2011, 15:46
I'm afraid I have to work that day. Maybe next time...

Andrew Barr
25-Apr-2011, 06:51
Ok, the Blueberry Muffin for breakfast at 8:30am...then off to the shoot. Again, take Rt 3's exit 2, head north about 500' and take a left onto Rt 3a. The restaurant is on the left in that first plaza, across from the Dunkin D.

Andrew Barr
2-May-2011, 06:19
It is this Saturday!