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Keith S. Walklet
10-Jan-2011, 11:43
I am avid user of the iPhone app FocalWare for calculating sun and moon positions, and though I'm not an Android user, I am impressed with a new app for that platform that was just shared with me by a photographer friend, Greg Harley (the author). It is called Shadowfacts. The app is currently listed in its beta form, with the final release imminent, but even in the beta version, he's incorporated a number of slick features like a built in compass, audible tone notifications for plotting position, etc. that show my software to be lacking.

You can check it out, download the beta or wait a little bit for the final version here.http://www.androidpit.com/en/android/market/apps/app/com.resmass.shadowfacts/ShadowFacts-beta

10-Jan-2011, 13:16
Looks very cool.

...now to figure out what it is I'm looking at :)

11-Jan-2011, 03:14
Does it allow entering any location? Does it allow selecting any date? After looking at many apps for android over a number of months I am yet to find one that does an adequate job. A fuller description of the app capabilities would be most appreciated.

11-Jan-2011, 19:20
Best info I've found about it is from the dev's website: http://gregharley.com/

(A help button on the menu linking to the "about" or "screen layout" page would be useful.)

21-Jan-2011, 18:56
Hi All,

First, thanks to Keith for posting the link. Despite the fact that I really do hope to wrap up the app in the next couple of months, it is still very incomplete. I'm currently working on adding a screen for the moon and there will definitely be the ability to enter and save locations and timezones. Check out http://gregharley.com for help info. I will also eventually have a link to the web site in the app and possibly a minimal help system so you don't have to have web access. Although, I really hope that it's simple enough that you won't need much help after playing with it a bit.

Please, please tell me what you love and hate about the app. I want to make it as useful as I can and worth $1.99 (Focalware is $4.99). You can currently download the beta for free and I'm working on figuring out how to get beta testers the release for free as well (probably something like a coupon code).

Thanks for your attention,

29-Mar-2011, 16:08
Hey Z_Photo - Have you tried GoldenPic (or GoldenPicLite) for the Android? It gives the sunrise, sunset, golden hours, blue hours and weather. Plus, it lets you change the location. The full version give you more options to change your location, it lets you change the date and save your GPS coordinates. Give it a try sometime!

Kimberly Anderson
29-Mar-2011, 19:47
what I want is a program that allows me to place the moon or the sun where I want it and the software to tell me what day that is.