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Robert Skeoch
17-Dec-2010, 08:11
A Toronto Area gathering 7pm Saturday Jan. 29th.

The time seems right for another Photography Gathering and you're invited. In fact everyone who wants to come is invited.
I realize many people aren't in this area but who knows you could be working in Toronto during January.

These gatherings are very casual and open to everyone who appreciates photography. We usually get about 20+ people.

This is a chance to get together, see my new 4x10 camera, meet some new people who have an interest in photography, and as always bring some prints and show what you've been shooting/printing/working on.... whether it's large format, rangefinder or digital, maybe you're printing in platinum or shooting with a Holga.... you're invited. This is an important part of the social so please try and bring a print or two, but if you just don't have anything... well come anyway.

The cost of the evening social is $10 to cover the pop and pizza. Please RSVP by email. to "skeoch@sympatico.ca" just so I have an idea of the numbers.

My studio is in Burlington, Ontario at 3123 Walkers Line.... just take Walkers Line north from the QEW past Dundas St. to the edge of town... I'm on the right hand side across from the cornfield, which is covered by two feet of snow.... the building looks like a commercial townhouse.

If you want to see photos from the past gatherings go to "gatherings" at my website... www.bigcameraworkshops.com.


Robert Skeoch
13-Jan-2011, 13:58
It looks like we have about 15 attending. There's room for more.

richard brown
15-Jan-2011, 11:59
Hi Rob.... wish you could have this out here by Banff.... on Jan 28th we are having an opening in Canmore (at the local public art gallery) for a show dedicated to the use of film. This is part of Exposure 2011, a month long celebration of photography in the Calgary, Banff and Canmore area. Google it and if anyone out there can make it, to any of the events, bring your long johns and see you there.
Isn't it fun promoting the joy we get from our cameras?
Richard Brown

24-Jan-2011, 10:59
previously had a conflict, but my schedule got freed up

so you can expect me also, my first time attending...

Robert Skeoch
28-Jan-2011, 13:13
just a reminder.

Robert Skeoch
29-Jan-2011, 13:26
The pizza's been ordered and the pops in the fridge.
Come on down.

29-Jan-2011, 19:46
As the first one to leave (unfortunately) I can honestly say it was a really great gathering of like minded folks. Some people brought prints, and some of it was exhibition quality IMHO, while others showed off some of their gear. It was a lot of fun, and I look forward to being a part of it again, whenever that is. For those who are gear obsessed (aren't we all), there was an 8x20, Rob's minty new Shen Hao 4x10, Brian's 30 year old Horseman 4x5 (still new and wrapped in plastic .. maybe six sheets of film taken), my 9x12 Voigtlander Avus, and Polaroid 110A conversion, and a couple beautiful Leica's, as well as a rough and tumble Pentax 6x7, and a nice Nikon FM. Well, those are the ones I saw.
The best part though, was meeting all of these new 'friends'. Life is good.
A really, really fun time. Thanks so much Rob.
David H.

29-Jan-2011, 20:52
I will echo David's sentiments
fun meeting new film shooters
and seeing some very impressive work
good fun, good photos, good fellowship (bad poetry..)

Rob, thanks for organizing this...

30-Jan-2011, 08:26
Rob, thanks again for last night! A noted previously, it was nice to connect with a great group of guys and see some amazing prints.

Frank E, I am already on the look out for a Super Angulon 90/8...lol


Len Middleton
31-Jan-2011, 20:58

Sounds like a great time as usual.

Unfortuantely I had a conflicting commitment picking up a tall well-built Italian (Durst L184) in the Detroit area, and helping him to immigrate into Canada.

I hope to put him to work later this year.

And I will not be bringing him to our next gathering.

All the best,


1-Feb-2011, 16:36
Can anyone remember the name of the young man who brought all of those prints for us to look at? His father, Igo, was also there.

1-Feb-2011, 19:41
His name was Domnik
I didn't get his contact info
but I am sure that Rob would have it