View Full Version : Opinions on Markimage Field 45-1F

Bob Whitmire
20-May-2002, 06:09
Just ran across a listing for a new 4x5 wooden field camera, a Markimage Field 4 5-1F, built in Hong Kong. Looks quite nice and the price ain't bad. Wondered if anyone here knew about this camera, or had used one. I'm thinking of going to 4x 5, do mostly outdoor stuff, and would use a field camera, though a metal job has been recommended for me because I live in a coastal environment where salt, sea and extreme cold are a consideration. Still, price is a consideration, too. Tha nx!

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
20-May-2002, 09:20
I think that this camera is remarketed version of the Shen-Hao (the model with out back rise, the J-something). I had brief contact with Markimage, asking what the differences were between the two cameras. The answer was a bit evasive, so you may, if at all possible, want to compare the cameras.

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
20-May-2002, 09:43
Sorry, my vague reference to the J something was supposed to be the Shen- Hao CGJ 4X5-I. Badger has it for $475, and it sells in China for $365 (RMB 3000).

David Willis
20-May-2002, 19:51
I've seen the same camera, and I'm pretty sure it's a rebadged Shen Hao. Most of the discussions about the Shen Haos have been about the HZX45-IIA. It's the one Badger sells for $625. You might want to check out that model too. I have one and like it. There are a few others around who have them, and we all seem to be pretty enthusiastic about them.


20-May-2002, 20:48
Bob, if the Markimage camera is built in Hong Kong, it probably isn't a Shen Hao. The Shen Hao cameras are built in Shang Hai. However, it's very possible that someone in Hong Kong is marketing them under his own brand name. Either way these cameras are an outstanding value, compared to the other offerings from the Far East.

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
20-May-2002, 23:01
In an email to me, Mark Felton, the owner of Markimage, wrote that his camera is based upon the Shen Hao, with differences in quality and finish of wood and machining.

Bob Whitmire
24-May-2002, 05:52
Thanx for all the input. I've talked extensively with Mark Felton and have decided to take the plunge. He's getting ready to launch a newer model that has more weatherproofing, as in "powder bonded synthetic black finish" on metal fixtures, and wood that is "dual coated with a polymer based covering for repelling water." The newer model also sports a detachable bellows. Although I'm band new to 4x5 and don't know squash from shinola about it, I'll pass along how the new rig strikes me when I get it. Again, thanx for all the input.