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5-Nov-2010, 07:50


Hello Photographers!!!! KCN is on its way back in stock. We should have it Monday or Tuesday which is 2 weeks earlier than expected. Orders will be filled in the order received. Two sizes available and 50% off sale applies. Free shipping still applies as well. Hazmat fees we collect for UPS are paid to them weekly in the exact amount you paid to us.

KCN Order Page (http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=rwchkydab&et=1103873560461&s=51&e=001qgU4vk323Q2xt_RuLJ8HHBeTrVpIb1kd9edADjJ8hjeamJvgKPRsXgQD7j3kmq2sDXpwuSFZZku0-IyVAGTffSGisWNEggHLdVS549lA4Yv1xkltnMeVpA-o-n6BIS4DwRGRN-Z-RGmI5DKWvApL2nklkJYTBBTRgnq5WrlE3OI0o2qWwNEkKw==)

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Beginning 11/3 until 11/24 our 50% off sale will be active. The promo code is simply50. Remember if you are a Paypal user you must bypass the first page of checkout taking you to Paypal. Once you enter your shipping info on the next page and the promo code 50 Paypal will be available on the next page. Credit car users, checkout remains the same.
Offer Expires: 11/24/10 Take me to the store

They also have ether and collodion

5-Nov-2010, 08:17
What process requires this chemical? At first I thought the price was way too high, then I realized it was not Potassium ferricyanide.

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
5-Nov-2010, 10:19
The wet-plate collodion process uses KCN or NaCN as a fixer. Of course hypo also works.

Wayne Aho
5-Nov-2010, 13:12
Keep in mind, Chemsavers is one of the few who will still sell to individuals, and the non-sale prices are pretty good. Also, although it has free shipping, you still have to pay the Hazmat UPS shipping fee, and a packaging fee (this includes a metal can with absorbent material, and sturdy double boxed) which adds about an exta $50. So buy extra KCN to cut down the cost. I also bought some ether and collodion during the sale. Good deal for us mad scientists wetplaters.

John Jarosz
6-Nov-2010, 13:12
What's the advantage of using KCN if hypo also works?


6-Nov-2010, 18:34
you get a richer creamy final image

Petzval Paul
9-Nov-2010, 02:12
Faster fixing times = less washing, too. Better contrast, more translucent highlights.... the stuff is in a league by itself. Of course, hypo does work fine, too, if KCN unavailable or one simply wishes not to use it.

Thanks for the update!

10-Nov-2010, 11:01
As a Certified Industrial Hygienist, CIH, I cringe at the thought of people using these chemicals in home labs. But so be it.

I'm sure everyone who uses them is well aware of the potential exposure hazards and takes proper precautions. Yes of course!

And everyone of course knows not to rely on material safety data sheets (MSDSs) for their sole source of chemical hygiene information! Yes of course this one also goes without saying doesn't it? I can only hope!

But don't forget to clean up thoroughly and lock up the poisons when not using. Pets and children have a habit of finding their way into places where they shouldn't be and touching things that they shouldn't.

Would be quite a costly mistake to lose a pet or (worse) a child over "better contrast and more translucent highlights."

My professionally educated opinion. Bob G.

12-Nov-2010, 07:23
It's been used as a fixer since the 1860s. No need for heavy breathing now.

13-Nov-2010, 06:12
I can understand this warning very well. Especially when it comes to Acid + KCN => HCN = volatile and breathable .... I'd think at least 3 times before having this chemical at home.

13-Nov-2010, 07:29
It's been used as a fixer since the 1860s. No need for heavy breathing now.

In my profession we find this is a common argument... i.e., "...it has been done this way for many years, etc., etc."

Yet incidents continue to occur. The reason I am paid a 6-figure salary to work in a field that "theoretically" should not even be needed.

My free advice.

Bob G.