View Full Version : Are there any groups meeting out in Phoenix?

Wayne Crider
8-Oct-2010, 14:37
Is there any regular type of film or large format group/camera club meeting out in Phoenix? It could be just a once a month shoot the bull type of thing. I'm going to be there on an extended stay and am looking for entertainment. Tks

Gem Singer
8-Oct-2010, 16:01
Pay a visit to the Photomark camera store on McDowell Ave.

Talk to Rod Klukas (the big guy behind the counter).

He can turn you on to the LF groups in the Phoenix area.

Tell him Eugene says hello.

Richard M. Coda
8-Oct-2010, 17:46
When will you be here?

Wayne Crider
9-Oct-2010, 07:00
Yea I know Rod and have talked to him many times. He runs a workshop and of course tries to sell that. I run thru that store every time I'm out there and gander at the used stuff. I usually wind up getting accessories I find on the sale tables when present. We have no stores around here that have LF stuff or film/darkroom stuff for that matter.
I'm out to AZ in November for Thanksgiving. This time it will be an extended stay into the new year, and will probably become a permanent move shortly down the road. I've pretty much traveled the state except into the far eastern corners and border, not that I want to go that far till I'm out there with a car. I generally haunt the areas around and between Prescott, Sedona, Payson, and the Canyon Lake area just because they are or can be a day drive.
Since I see more and more AZ guys between here and APUG I thought something must be happening out there with regards to a club or informal get together. If there isn't anything going on I'm going to start something.

18-Jan-2011, 14:04
Yes there are a number of us out here and the numbers seem to be increasing. I've never seen anywhere near as many LF photographers anywhere else. As far as any clubs or anything similar go, there are a few groups who try to go out and photograph together every once in a while. Also, there is a significant group that all comes together through Rod workshop. Not everyone takes the workshop but we know each other through it and sometimes travel to photograph together and show work.

There does seem to be increased talk about establishing a more formal community and a few resources seem to be popping up here and there. Who knows, Phoenix might be where its at pretty soon ;)

Wayne Crider
18-Jan-2011, 18:27
At the Scottsdale art show last November I ran into a woman exhibitor doing large format work and she told me of a group meeting once a month in Phoenix. I don't think it was Rod's group but another with a pretty large membership. I didn't follow up on it as I had to return home.