View Full Version : yellowstone, tetons, and SLC

1-Oct-2010, 12:09
hey all,

i plan to be shooting LF in the tetons and yellowstone area from oct 14-21th. i will be in W Yellowstone on the 15th. after a few days we will go to the tetons. i will have a few days left in SLC after that.

i have a Utah CC permit class to attend on the 21st....other than that i am ready to shoot.

Jon W is planning to be there as well. anyone else wanna come out and play?


Jon Wilson
3-Oct-2010, 15:01
Come on folks.....don't you want to do the big LF with us in the woods? Hope you do.

25-Oct-2010, 14:42
Dammit, did I miss you out here?

Jon Wilson
29-Oct-2010, 21:10
Must have...:( It was fun. The crowds were nil. Jon