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Gem Singer
23-Sep-2010, 07:50
On Saturday morning, October 2nd, a group of us are getting together for breakfast and conversation and then attending the camera show in Grapevine. The show opens at 10AM at the Grapevine Convention Center.

We are meeting at the Original Pancake House, 1505 William Tate Ave between 8:30 and 9:00AM (the next exit west of Main St., off of 114, in Grapevine).

This is a larger facility than the Main St. Bakery and has ample parking space.

Bring a print-out of the main page of www.donsphotoequipment.com, show it at the entrance to the camera show, and get $1 off of the $5 admission charge.

Please print out a few extra copies for those folks who forgot to bring one.

Chime in if you are planning on attending.

Gem Singer
23-Sep-2010, 09:47
This announcement is already disappearing over the horizon.


23-Sep-2010, 10:25
This announcement is already disappearing over the horizon.


This is the same get-together announced elsewhere, so there are several people between two forums that have responded. :)

Gem Singer
23-Sep-2010, 10:28

I just wanted to make sure that the folks knew that we changed the meeting place.

Your announcement said to meet at the Main Street Bakery.

Are you okay with the change of location?

23-Sep-2010, 10:31
I hadn't yet, since I didn't realize that the decision had been made. ;)

But since it has, I put a pointer in the old thread to this one. :)

Gem Singer
23-Sep-2010, 10:35
Thanks David.

J.B. Harlin
23-Sep-2010, 11:39
Thanks Eugene. . . we plan on being there. . . busy now getting ready for the Friday evening reception. . .

Gem Singer
25-Sep-2010, 06:56
A week from today.

You're welcome to join us for coffee if you'd rather not eat an entire breakfast.

We'll hang out at the Original Pancake House for about an hour, then leave for the camera show at the Grapevine Convention Center in time for the 10AM opening.

Gem Singer
27-Sep-2010, 15:46
This coming Saturday, in case you missed last week's announcement.

Hope to see you there.

27-Sep-2010, 17:26
I might actually come to this one. I've been being more social lately.

Do any of yall have a good incident light meter that I could calibrate my home-made one against? I can calibrate it to sunny-16 but I need at least one or two other points.

Gem Singer
27-Sep-2010, 17:49
There usually is a large selection of used incident light meters offered for sale at the Grapevine Camera Show.

I'm sure, if you asked nicely, some of the sellers would allow you to use one of their meters for a few minutes while you compare it's reading with your meter.

Merg Ross
27-Sep-2010, 21:49
Hi Gem, wish I lived a little closer and could join the gang; it sounds like you have a lot of fun on your outings.

I was printing today from negatives made with the Fuji camera that I acquired from you last year. Glad you talked me into getting it; the results are really stunning, especially due to the Pyrocat-HD that you introduced me to.

Thanks and best regards,

Gem Singer
28-Sep-2010, 05:32
Hi Merg,

I'm glad you're pleased with the Fugi 6X7 "Texas Leica". I liked the camera, but had difficulty relating to viewfinder composing and rangefinder focusing.

I'm using a Mamiya 645 as my "walk about" camera and developing the HP-5+ 120 film in Pyrocat-HD.

I scan the negatives and make 12X18 B&W prints on an inkjet printer.

Wish you were here in DFW so I could show them to you.

28-Sep-2010, 17:47
. . .anybody else coming that hasn't checked in yet???

29-Sep-2010, 05:43
. . .anybody else coming that hasn't checked in yet???

There are 4 or 5 from a similar thread over on apug.

Gem Singer
29-Sep-2010, 12:12
I'm bumping this announcement for the folks that missed it last week.

29-Sep-2010, 18:31
I'll be there.
Permission granted to slap me over the head if you see me buying anything at the show!
Unless it goes well with my other equipment ;-)

J.B. Harlin
29-Sep-2010, 18:35
Hi Michael. . . did you ever get your Dorff repaired. . . if you want to bring it, we can look at it if you like???

29-Sep-2010, 18:37
JB, you made my night.
I will indeed bring it along. Thanks, that would be tremendous.

J.B. Harlin
29-Sep-2010, 18:50
We'll take a look and see what it needs. . . looking forward to seeing you and everyone else!

Gem Singer
29-Sep-2010, 19:11
And I'm looking forward to seeing you and Susan again.

Just a heads up- the Original Pancake House is located on the east side of William Tate Ave., south of hwy 114, between Buffalo Wild Wings and Boston Market.

See you there.

Sat. 8:30AM

J.B. Harlin
29-Sep-2010, 19:15
Looking forward to it Eugene!

I am familiar with that area, I worked in Grapevine for eight years. See you there.

Gem Singer
1-Oct-2010, 07:47
Everyone's welcome to join us for coffee and chit-chat tomorrow morning.

Hope to see you there.

J.B. Harlin
2-Oct-2010, 12:57
What a great gathering!!! Thanks everyone! Great to see you Eugene!!!

Gem Singer
2-Oct-2010, 13:20
Thanks, JB.

I enjoyed the opportunity to chit-chat with you and Susan.

Lots of interesting stuff at the camera show.

Let's do it again soon.

Gem Singer
6-Oct-2010, 08:34
BTW, Michael gave us permission to slap him over the head if we saw him buying anything at the camera show.

He picked up a Kodak Medalist in a leather case, in operating condition, for a reasonable price.

He made sure we didn't see him buying it.

He's in the process of purchasing 620 reels so that he can re-spool 120 film and make use of his new toy.

I remember when Kodak made that camera available on the consumer market, and how much I wanted one.

I was fifteen years of age. Just beginning to be interested in photography.

6-Oct-2010, 09:22
The camera show was great! I bought a lot of little items that aren't worth mail-ordering.