View Full Version : Lost website for 3rd party well reviewed continuous tone color pigments for Epson 1280 and bigger.

Michael Felber
21-Apr-2002, 02:31
I pick up on a thread somewhere on this site about a month ago. It might have be en an older archived thread though. It has a source for better than Epsons inks for Epton printer. Archival and in referenced a review in a book or mag. I looke d up the site. I called and spoke to them about printers and upcomming availabil ity for other 6 color. I made some notes a really productive conversation. Then my computer crashed and I had to reinstall my OS.

I lost all my bookmarks. Tolally blanked out on the name of the company and not in my notes. Just Epson model numbers. It was in a thread regarding. continuous tone digital archival options. also something about how the pigments were only a vailable for some of the older Epsons.

Can anyone remember where it was. I've searched around and can't find it. Thanks .


Bob Ashford
21-Apr-2002, 04:00
I think you may be referring to the John Cone web site. Can't remember the address off the top of my head but do a search. Hope this helps. Also Marrutt the darkroom people have all this stuff too. Cheers

Michael Feldman
21-Apr-2002, 06:49
For Cone Edition Products try: http://www.inkjetmall.com/store/piezography-purchase.html

Ben Hopson
21-Apr-2002, 11:18
Mike, the MSI site also has third party options for Epson printers. I don't know if f it was one you had bookmarked, but it might be of interest to you. http://www.inksupply.com/