View Full Version : Long Island - New York Outing - Tuesday June 8

R Mann
4-Jun-2010, 03:03
There are two of us so far having an informal shooting outing on Tuesday, June 8 - the weather forecast is looking good at this point.

We will be meeting around 9:15 am in the parking lot of:

Planting Fields Arboretum State Historic Park and Coe Hall
1395 Planting Fields Road
Oyster Bay, NY

There website is: http://www.plantingfields.org

They open at 9am & there is an $8 fee per car for parking - they are tripod friendly for outside shooting. Usually, they don't let you use them in the greenhouses.

Anyone else interested joining us?


emo supremo
16-Jun-2010, 06:42
Sorry to have missed this outing but hope you were all able to enjoy the camilias in the February snowstorm.
I live on the Island and commute to the city. I'd be interested in hooking up with a group interested in MF or LF. I'm not very experienced but I have put my kit together. I'd like the company. Could I get on your email connections?

16-Jun-2010, 06:53
Could I get on your email connections?