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20-May-2010, 03:26
good morning europe!

i will be in and around brussels for a few days at the beginning of june. 1-4 and then again in the second week.

any LF shooter around wanna show me some of the sights? i plan to shoot some 4x5 while i am there and it is always fun to meet some of the locals and go shooting.

suggestions would be great too. i say that flick on Brugge (sorry. spelling). looks great.....but as i have found in europe most things are easy and fun to shoot.

see you soon.


Denis Pleic
20-May-2010, 04:48
Eddie, let me know when you decide to move further East - i.e. Slovenia and Croatia...
We could work something out, perhaps even arrange for an exhibition/show of your work - wet plate work would be particularly interesting (wink, wink....) :)

In a relatively small space (2-3 hundred miles) you can see all kinds of sights - from Slovenian Alps to the Croatian coast... with lots to see in between.

20-May-2010, 05:40
That Brugge movie was very representative of the city. . . it is beautiful. Brussels is also great. I know some Nikonians in Brussels but no LF shooters. . . sorry!

. . .but if you come to southwest France. . .

30-May-2010, 11:27
thanks guys.

24 hours till flight time. i have a car and a friend/driver. yippie!

11-Jun-2010, 01:37
off to bruge for a sat and sunday shoot....problem is i have no tripod....can anyone help me? anyone wanna go shoot?