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13-May-2010, 08:05
Los Osos Montaņa de Oro Photo safari !!
Come and join us on June 11th for a photo expedition at Monaņa de Oro and Los Osos in San Luis Ovispo !
William Thies, Forrest Atkins ,Gustavo Castilla and others will be there at sunrise !come join us for coffee share work and
enjoy the areas wonderful photographic opportunities!!!
I order to make a camp reservation let me know ASAP if you will be coming along !
We need a head count if you plant to camp there are many hotels in the area camp out for a day stop for lunch you name it !!!
More to come !!! put your name in the list so we can keep you apprised as to plans get finalized and we get a head count we will be dividing the cost of the camp sites equally !! 8 campers per site!

Friday, June 11 at 12:15 pm until
Sunday, June 13 at 3:15 pm
If you can take of other people that may be interested please pass it on !!


Katherine Burness
14-Jun-2010, 11:59
Gustavo, thank you. I was very pleased to see you again and to meet Bill and Forest.

Till next time!


15-Jun-2010, 08:51
and we were very pleased to me you!!!