View Full Version : New iPhone App please

Scott Walker
1-Apr-2010, 10:26
I find myself previewing images in B&W using my iPhone camera through filters occasionally to determine which filter might give me the best results but this doesn't always seem to be consistent, and knowing what each filter is going to do to every scene in all light conditions is far more information than my brain has storage for.

Will someone make me an app for my iPhone that will allow me to preview images in B&W through the different filters used in B&W photography. I think it would save me a few unwanted surprises in the darkroom. Also it would allow me to preview with filters I don't currently have but may purchase in the future if I had the opportunity to see what they would do for things that I look at through a camera lens.

I have looked in the app store and found nothing like this but if it does already exist please let me know.



1-Apr-2010, 13:45
I'll look into it!